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No plans for a Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary Edition?

Based on this new banner ad from Rush Backstage, it doesn't look like a "40th Anniversary" of Moving Pictures is coming this year as one may expect.  The 2011 Deluxe Edition is featured with the tagline "Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Moving Pictures; Limited Quantity Archive Items & New Moving Pictures T-Shirt Now Available."  Only time will tell.


  1. I was very bummed to see that nothing special was released , but knowing that Neil was always a big part of the Art on the last few re-issues it goes to say that Ged & Alex were not up to the task.

    1. everything is already out. Make your own boxset.

  2. I think they eventually have to do it, even if it's a year or two late. I think the combination of Neil's passing and COVID has delayed everything.