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Alex Lifeson Talks To Classic Rock Revisited

Alex Lifeson discusses Clockwork Angels in a new interview with Classic Rock Revisited.  Alex discusses the album cover, putting together the drum pattern for "The Anarchist", switching instruments with Geddy on "The Wreckers", the upcoming tour setlist and the longevity of the band. - Thanks to Brad P for the headsup!
“Hugh Syme is a very clever and able designer,” says Lifeson. “He works very closely with Neil on all of the artwork. He has done some really dramatic artwork for this record. It made me smile; I got it.”

“The drum pattern on that song is one that I put together and Neil connected with it. I think I come from a different place than Neil does and sometimes he will find what I do as an interesting approach that he would have never thought of himself. It gave him a launching point.” 

Rush Bringing String Ensemble on Tour -

After being rumored at for months, its official, Rush is going to be touring with a small orchestra on the Clockwork Angels tour.  Alex shared the news today with
"Our intention is to take strings out on the road," guitarist Alex Lifeson tells Orchestrations, arranged by David Campbell, feature on several of "Clockwork Angels' " tracks, and Lifeson says Rush will employ a small string ensemble, likely eight to 10 pieces, to recreate those pieces and to be added to some of Rush's older material. "It's just something different for us, and I can't wait to hear what it sounds like."

Lifeson says Campbell will be writing arrangements for the tour, which kicks off Sept. 7 in Manchester, N.H., and will likely appear at some of the shows as well. "Certainly in the beginning he'll be out for a bit," the guitarist says. "I think his intention is to use these musicians he's been working with for a long time, who he trusts, and once they're settled in he doesn't have to be around all the time and he can come out whenever he feels like it."

Lifeson says the production is "still in a planning stage" but promises that "it's a while new show. It's new staging, new lighting, everything is new and fresh about it. I would say that it's an evolutionary extension of what the (2010-11) Time Machine Tour was, but we are definitely freshening it up and bringing and there'll be a lot of new video stuff going on." And, of course, Lifeson and his mates expect to dedicate a considerable amount of stage time to "Clockwork Angels," a concept album that will be followed by a novel co-written by drummer/lyricist Neil Peart and Kevin J. Anderson.

"The set list is quite fluid these days," Lifeson reports. "We're dropping and replacing songs constantly, and that's the way it always goes before we get into rehearsals. There's a great deal of pressure on us now to do the whole record, which we don't anticipate. I think our intention is probably to prepare the whole thing; whether we'll do it or not we're still not sure, especially on the first leg of the tour. There's still a lot of older stuff we want to do, and we've got some great songs lined up from the past. We'd be loathe to drop them to add more of 'Clockwork Angels,' at least on the first leg. It's always nice to switch up on the second leg and make it a little different."
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Q&A: Rush's Alex Lifeson on Choosing Their Tour Setlist, Hall of Fame Prospects - RollingStone

Alex Lifeson is featured in a new story at Q&A: Rush's Alex Lifeson on Choosing Their Tour Setlist, Hall of Fame Prospects.   Alex talks to the Rolling Stone about the new record, the upcoming tour, playing move of the new album live, the Vapor Trails remaster, and his feelings about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Rush In The Studio With Jeff Woods - Video Now Online

Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee dropped by Toronto's Q107 for a live interview with Jeff Woods this past Monday night.  The interview can be seen here.

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Permanent Waves Photoshoot of Paula Turnbull - Unused Photo

An unused photo of model Paula Turnbull from the Permanent Waves album cover photoshoot, taken by Fin Costello, has just surfaced. The pose is similar to the photo which eventually was used on the Permanent Waves album cover.

Turnbull "reprised" her role on the cover of Exit Stage Left:
"Paula Turnbull became a noted model in Europe - enough that when I brought her back, she was appalled to know that I didn't have a trailer for her." - Hugh Syme, Chemistry
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"Rush As Food" Event, Benefiting Andrew MacNaughtan's Art Gives Hope

"The Best Music in the World like you've never tasted it before".

"In celebration of perhaps the greatest rock band ever and their amazing new album Clockwork Angels, Matt Kantor, Chef of Secret Pickle, Hidden Kitchen and an arguably somewhat crazy individual, will be interpreting and deconstructing the music of Rush into a nine-course dinner. And we'll be doing it in Rush's hometown of Toronto Ontario. Coming July 18 and July 17 or 19, 2012. Dinner to be held at The Cookbook Store in Yorkville. One night only. We'll be pouring some really cool wines and beers as well. $150 all inclusive with proceeds to go to late Rush photographer Andrew MacNaughtan's Art Gives Hope."  For more information visit

- Thanks to Quinn Bradley for the headsup!

Rush Sighting In The Movie "That's My Boy" - Hitting Theaters Tonight

That's My Boy, the new comedy starring Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg, hits theaters tonight!

During the opening credits, "Limelight" is heard, and Sandlers' car, a beat up Pontiac Fiero, has a large Starman emblazoned on the hood. This can be seen in the film's the restricted redband trailer.

"Clockwork Angels" Desktop Wallpaper Update

I'm pleased to announce I have added to my collection of wallpaper images from Clockwork Angles, and I now have a complete set of Clockwork Angels Desktop Wallpaper, combining all possible images from the fan pack edition, standard cd edition, and digipack.  (I say all "possible" images, as a few images were not reproduceable as wallpaper).  A couple of images were merged/manipulated into wallpapers, but for the most part they are straight reproductions of what you see in the cd booklet(s).  There are now 20 images for use as Desktop Wallpaper.  Enjoy!

Billy Corgan Talks Clockwork Angels With Rush - FMQB

"To mark the release of Clockwork Angels, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson connected with Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins for a lengthy conversation about the new album...In the interview Lee and Lifeson discuss making music, Neil Peart's lyrical prowess, the development of Clockwork Angels as a story, Rush's disdain for the "c word" (concept), their influence on other musicians, why an album still matters and much more."  For more visit, June 12, 2012

Rush’s Geddy Lee Explains Extended Birth of New ‘Clockwork Angels’ Album -

Roadrunner records has posted a new video interview with Geddy Lee where he discusses various aspects of the album.  The video is included in the new story "Rush’s Geddy Lee Explains Extended Birth of New ‘Clockwork Angels’ Album" at

Neil Peart On Rush's New Lp And Being A 'Bleeding Heart Libertarian' - RollingStone

Neil Peart is featured in a new story at "Q&A: Neil Peart On Rush's New Lp And Being A 'Bleeding Heart Libertarian'".  Neil talks about the songwriting process, the myth of the Seven Cities of Gold, Daphne Du Maurier's Jamaica Inn, preparing for the upcoming tour, and more. - Thanks to John @ for the headsup!

"Clockwork Angels" Released Today

Today marks the official release of Clockwork Angels, RUSH's 20th studio album, their first in five years.  The album is available on CD, Vinyl and iTunes, in audiophile 96kHz/24bit format from HDTracks, as a special edition Classic Rock Fan Pack, and will be the subject of a novelization by Kevin J. Anderson with Neil Peart coming this fall.
  • Click here for our Clockwork Angels linernotes and lyrics page (just click on the song titles for the lyrics).  This page also includes the Clockwork Angels "album news archive" which has a complete breakdown of the history of the album thus far from Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart and producer Nick Raskulinecz "In Their Own Words".
  • Click here for the Clockwork Angels Transcript Archive, a ever-expanding collection of interviews and stories covering the new album.
  • Click here for a complete set of Clockwork Angels Desktop Wallpaper.
  • Click here for a ongoing list of album reviews from around the globe.

Rush 'the fruit of a long-term relationship' says Geddy Lee - CBCNews

Geddy Lee appeared on CBC's The National with Peter Mansbridge on Sunday June 10th to discuss Clockwork Angels.  The full video interview is here.
"Nearly four decades after forming in Toronto, pioneering prog-rock band Rush soldiers on, continuing to engage fans around the globe with powerful albums and virtuoso musicianship.

"The trio's 20th studio album, the steam-punk inspired concept album Clockwork Angels, debuts Tuesday and a world tour begins in July.

"Bassist-singer Geddy Lee sat down with Peter Mansbridge on The National and discussed the band's enduring appeal.

"'What does Rush mean to me? To me it's this little group of experimenters. We're this group of guys who want to see what we can do. It's the simplest way I can put it,' Lee told CBC News.

"As other groups that started out in the same era began breaking up, Lee said he and his bandmates — guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer Neil Peart — became intrigued with the idea of staying together.

"'We wanted to see what the fruits of a long-term relationship can do. Here's a band 38 years on and we are pushing it, to see where we can go as a band.'" -, June 11, 2012

Geddy Lee Interview on "The Bob & Tom" Show

Geddy Lee was on The Bob and Tom Show earlier today; you can hear the interview here. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Interview: producer Nick Raskulinecz on Rush's Clockwork Angels - has posted a new interview with Clockwork Angels Nick Raskulinecz where he runs through each track of the album, including how the new intro to BU2B was recorded in a hotel room, Alex's guitar solo on the title track and The Garden were from the demos, how Geddy initiated writing The Wreckers on guitar, a quick explanation of "who" The Wreckers were, the "mistake vocals" left in Headlong Flight, and other interesting tibdits.
“Part of my responsibility as a producer – the biggest part of my job, really – is to be there for the artist and to help them see their vision through.  This album was Rush’s vision.  It wasn’t mine. I was there to make sure it was played as brilliantly as they could play it, sung as high as Geddy Lee could sing it, and have the guitar solos bring me to tears.  I feel like we achieved all of those elements. There’s so much emotion that we captured, just total from-the-gut expression. Three dudes making music – that’s Rush!” - Nick Raskulinecz,, June 11, 2011

Rush’s Geddy Lee not jaded about creativity 44 years later - Jam!Showbiz

In another interview published today by Canada's Jam!Showbiz, Geddy looks back on his 44 years with Rush, and how he doesn't feel his age:
"It’s a youthful game and you can let yourself get old with it but one of the secret rewards of being in a band or being a musician or that you’re kind of allowed to side-step the rules of your adulthood. Rock is such a teen-connected thing. We think in terms if you’re going to rock you better have some youthful energy there or it ain’t rock no more."
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Rush Tours New Concept Album - Toronto Star

There is a brief interview with Geddy Lee in today's Toronto Star where he discusses comparisons between Clockwork Angels and The Who's Tommy.  In addition, he briefly touches on the passing of longtime Rush photographer Andrew MacNaughtan:
"He shot us on the Monday and I guessed he passed away on Wednesday morning," said Lee, quietly. "It was a big, huge shock. I've known him since he was 15 so he was a lifelong buddy of mine, really. The last 35 years I've known him. It was a terrible blow to lose him. I just miss him and it just feels wrong that he's not here. I just can't believe he's gone frankly. It just doesn't make sense."

Planet Rock – Rush Album Special Now Online

UPDATE: The Planet Rock Clockwork Angels album special is now streaming here.

The UK's Planet Rock will be talking to Geddy Lee on Saturday 9th June at 7pm (UK time) about the new studio album "Clockwork Angels".  In this hour long interview, Darren Redick talks to Geddy about the songs and the making of their 20th studio album.

The interview can be heard on Planet Rock - on digital radio, Sky 0110, Virgin Media 924, Freesat 730 and - Thanks to Jon Norman for the headsup!

Win A Clockwork Angels Fanpack & A Signed Drumhead from Planet Rock

The UK's Planet Rock is giving away a ton of prizes over the next few days:
"Rush release their long awaited new studio album CLOCKWORK ANGELS as a stunning, comprehensive CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE FANPACK on 11 June, and we are giving away an array of fantastic prizes all this week including copies of the fanpack, subscriptions to Prog Magazine, a subscription to Classic Rock Magazine and, best of all, a beautiful autographed Rush Time Machine Tour drumhead....
For complete details visit Planet Rock.

Long & McQuade's Ultimate Rush Experience Sweepstakes

Canada's Long & McQuade music stores is giving away the "Ultimate Rush Experience".  Fill out a ballot at any Long & McQuade location between June 1st and 30th for a chance to win:
  • A grand prize of a pair of tickets and meet 'n' greet passes for the Rush concert in select cities*
  • 10 runner-up prizes of the new Rush album, Clockwork Angels, and the DVD Live in Cleveland.
*Grand prizes available to be won: A pairs of tickets and meet 'n' greet passes for Rush concerts in these cities -
  • Edmonton (Sept.30/12 - Rexall Place)
  • Saskatoon (Sept.28/12 - Credit Union Centre)
  • Winnipeg (Sept.26/12 - MTS Centre)
  • Toronto (Oct.14/12 - Air Canada Centre)
Contest runs June 1 to 30, 2012. One entry per person. Transportation to and from the concert is the winner’s responsibility.

- Thanks to John @ for the headsup!