Rush News "Rush Celebrate '2112' Reissue with iBook Comic"

From today's
Recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush today released their first-ever iBook for their classic record 2112, complete with previews of the remastered album, a 40-page comic book, sketches for each comic book cell, expanded artwork and new liner notes from Rolling Stone's David Fricke. now you can get an exclusive first look at the comic, written by Tom Hodges. 
The comic is also available in physical form, though the iBook includes previously unpublished photos not available in the physical version. The iBook does not include the album, though it does come with samples of the six original songs and three bonus tracks. You can order the iBook here. -

Vote for Rush in Q103.4 New York's "The Year That Rocked" Awards

Q104.3 in New York City have launched their first-annual Q104.3's The Year that Rocked Awards for 2012 and Rush is up for 2 awards - Classic Rock Album of the Year and Best Live Performance!  Voting will be open through the morning of 12/31 and with the winners announced later that day.  VOTE NOW!

Rush Referenced On Saturday Night Live

During the Weekend Update segment on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, anchorman Seth Myers announced that Donna Summer, Rush and Public Enemy were all 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Showing a photo of the three of them he then joked "'Who are those other two?' said the fans of any one of them." - Thanks to Vincent Sorrentino for the headsup, and RushIsABand for the screencap!

Neil Peart's "News Weather and Sports" - December 2012

Neil Peart has just updated his website with "Adventures in the Wild West" the latest edition of News, Weather & Sports.  Among other adventures, Neil writes about getting stuck in the Arizona outback, leading to saying some bad words, getting help from other travelers just "because", and eventually "coming out" as a rock star and inviting them to the Rush show the following night.  Check it out now.

Rolling Stone: "Rockers Who Love 'The Lord of the Rings'"

Celebrating the release of "The Hobbit" in theaters today, has posted "Rockers Who Love 'The Lord of the Rings'", which includes the following regarding Rush:
Rush's drummer-lyricist Neil Peart has always been a voracious reader. He must have worked his way towards The Lord of the Rings by the mid-1970s, because 1975's "Rivendell" was named after the great Elven city where Elrond dwelt. The following year, Peart wrote "The Necromancer" – which was Gandalf's name for Sauron in The Hobbit. -, December 14, 2012
In addition, has posted their "Top 10 The Hobbit-Lord of the Rings Songs".

Rush To Release iBook for 2112

Today Rush announced that as a companion of the 2112 Deluxe Edition, on December 18th they will release their first ever iBook for 2112. The iBook will consist of unpublished pictures, black and white ink art and pencil sketches for every comic book cell, and preview music for the newly remastered Mastered for iTunes (mFit) audio of 2112 with 3 bonus live tracks.

Originally released in 1976, 2112 was the creative and commercial breakthrough album. With lyrics written by Neil Peart, 2112 kicks off with the ambitious seven-suite title track (originally side one), set in a futuristic world run by the “Priests of the Temples of Syrinx” who regulate “every single facet of every life,” which includes books, music, work and play. “2112” conveys the story of humanity’s instinctual, inner need for one’s free will.

iBook content includes:

• 40-page comic book by story artist Tom Hodges (“Star Wars -The Clone Wars,” The Simpson’s “Treehouse of Horrors #17″)
• Unpublished pictures
• Black and white ink art and pencil sketches for every comic book cell
• Preview of the remastered audio of 2112
• Expanded artwork, liner notes, lyrics and unreleased photos
• Brand new liner notes by David Fricke, Rolling Stone

Rush To Be Inducted Into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

It's official, the 2013 inductees have been announced and Rush is in! In addition to Rush, the late Donna Summer, Public Enemy, Heart, Randy Newman and Albert King complete the class of 2013 to be inducted this coming April 18th in Los Angeles.
“We are honored to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The 3 of us are especially appreciative of our loyal fans whose support and dedication has gone a long way to making this possible. P.S. And special thanks to our moms for voting 6000 times!” – Alex, Geddy, & Neil,, December 11, 2012
"It's a terrific honor and we'll show up smiling," Rush's singer and bassist, Geddy Lee, tells Rolling Stone. "It made my mom happy, so that's worth it." Lee is especially happy for Rush's army of hardcore fans. "It was a cause they championed," he says. "I'm very relieved for them and we share this honor with them, for sure." -, December 11, 2012
"First of all it's all water under the bridge and it was a ve
ry tiny bridge," the 59-year-old guitarist said in a phone interview from his home in Toronto. "I think our fans are more upset than we were because they feel a real bond to this band and it's been an important part of their lives in some form, and to be snubbed was snubbing them at the same time. ... Perhaps there were times when I thought if this ever happens I'm not going to bother going, or who cares or whatever, but at the end of the day positive karma is an important thing and this is an important thing to a lot of our fans and people we know." - Edmonton Journal, December 12, 2012
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Mark Oldman: "Liquid Rush"

Mark Oldman has just published his latest episode of Drink Bravely (no. 70), where he takes the audience back inside Alex Lifeson's personal wine cellar in Toronto, in anticipation of this week's Roll and Roll Hall of Fame announcement. - Thanks to Alf Phillips for the headsup!
Mere days before we learn if legendary rockers RUSH will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Mark provides another exclusive glimpse into the diverse wine cellar of guru guitarist Alex Lifeson. Alex reveals his penchant for Syrah-based reds from Australia and France, Madeira from Portugal, and even Aquavit from Scandinavia.

Featured wines:
  • Penfolds Grange (Australia; 1982, 1983, 1995, 1996, 1998)
  • E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie "La Mouline" (France)
  • E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie "La Landonne" (France; incl. 1978)
  • E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie "La Turque" (France)
  • Clarendon Hills "Astralis" (Australia)
  • Gammal Norrlands Akvavit (Sweden)
  • Madeira - The Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana, 1981 (Island of Madeira, Portugal)
  • Madeira - The Investiture of the Prince of Wales, July, 1969 (Madeira, Portugal)
Song snippets from RUSH at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, October 22, 2012; "The Analog Kid" (from Signals), "2112 - Overture" (2112), "2112 - Grand Finale" (2112).

"Poosh It!"

Mesa Engineering's Tour Of Alex's Rig With Scott Appleton

Mesa Engineering, makers of the Mesa Boogie Mark V, have posted a new video tour with Alex's guitar tech Scott Appleton. Scott walks us through Alex's amps and effects, explains how he no longer needs an acoustic guitar on stage, and why live guitar cabinets are no longer used on stage. - Thanks to Mark Rosenthal for the headsup!

Classic Rock's "The Best Of 2012" Now Onsale: Rush On The Cover

The current issue of the UK's Classic Rock magazine features "The Best Of 2012".  The magazine is running with five different cover photos including RUSH, with the headline "Band Of The Year?".  The article is now online , courtesy of John at
Led Zeppelin… Rush… the Rolling Stones… Black Country Communion… Rivals Sons… But which is really Band Of The Year?

The greatest albums, bands, gigs, bust-ups and more. This is what rocked our year…

The new issue of Classic Rock is dedicated to The Best Of 2012: the ultimate review of the past 12 months. The Albums Of The Year. The Songs Of The Year. The Stories Of The Year. And, most importantly, The Bands Of The Year!

We’ve produced five different front covers featuring Led Zeppelin, Rush, the Rolling Stones, Black Country Communion and Rival Sons. Each is a worthy candidate for the honour of Band Of The Year. But who will ultimately wear the crown?

Rush – The Canadians have delivered one of the finest albums of their career, but there has been tragedy as well as triumph.
Click here for more. - Thanks to John @ for the headsup!

Rush "more dates in the spring and summer of 2013 in North America"

Today Rush posted the following thank you to their website, which includes the first official confirmation that additional North American dates will be added soon for the spring and summer of 2013:
"Thanks to all the fans who came out to see the Clockwork Angels Tour 2012! It was an amazing run – from the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble, the filming in Dallas & Phoenix, and YOU. It proved, once again, how dedicated and loyal the Rush fans are and are such a part of the overall show. Europe, are you ready? Clockwork Angels 2013 in Europe is on sale now. And just because we had such a good time, we are now making plans for more dates in the spring and summer of 2013 in North America – so stay tuned for more announcements. Looking forward to seeing you out on the road again soon!" -, December 6, 2012

Rush For Robe On Clockwork Angels - Tour Lighting Feature

Robe Lighting has published a new news item, Rush For Robe On Clockwork Angels, where they speak with Howard Ungerleider about the lighting used on the current tour.
For this tour, Howard specified Robe’s ROBIN 600 LEDWash for the first time.  Forty-eight LEDWash 600s are an integral part of the show, rigged onto four triangular shaped trusses - two on stage left and two on stage right, flown at different heights - and used for side washes and for beaming into the audience.

He really loves the way that the look of the LEDWash beam can resemble the specific “silky and velvety” textures and light qualities of a PAR 64. “You would never think it was an LED source!” he affirms.

The LEDWash 600s are used heavily during a song called ‘The Garden’ which is highly theatrical. “They are absolutely ideal for this,” states Howard, “Really just like an old style PAR” …but a fraction of the weight and power consumption and much more versatile!
The story also includes this confirmation of the U.S. tour extending into the spring:
The tour continues in the U.S. into Spring 2013 and is then scheduled to visit Europe before returning to North America for the rest of the summer, when it will have been on the road for a year.
For the full story visit - Thanks to Greg Nosek for the headsup!

Rush's "2112" Heard On "American Dad"

During tonight's episode of "American Dad" ("Error Guitar", Season 9, Ep. 5), Rush's "2112" was heard twice and an apartment number was 2112.

This is the third Rush reference by a Seth MacFarlane property, after Chester The Cheetah and a notation that Rhode Island was 2112 miles from Aspen, both on Family Guy, as well as the recent sighting of a Rush poster in the film "Ted". - Thanks to Dennis Phelps for the headsup!

Rush's "The Wreckers" Heard On Sunday Night Football

Tonight "The Wreckers" was heard leading into a commercial break during the second half of the Sunday Night football game between the Cowboys and Eagles. - Thanks to everyone for their headsup!

Jet City Stream Interview With Neil Peart

This morning at 9am Pacific time, Seattle digital radio station Jet City Stream aired a new interview with Neil Peart by Michael Shrieve from his Notes from the Field program.  Michael chats with Neil about music, drums, life, books and more.

The 35 minute interview, which took place backstage at Seattle's Key Arena when Rush played there early last month, is now available on Jet City Stream's Soundcloud; click here to listen.
-Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Rush Sighting in Seth MacFarlane's "Ted"

In the film Ted by Seth MacFarlane starring Mark Walberg and Mila Kunis which was released this past June 29th to theaters and is just now being released on home video, at 8:47 into the opening credits, there is a large 2112 starman poster on Mark Walberg's bedroom wall.

This is the second time Seth MacFarlane has inserted a Rush starman poster in one of his properties, the first was when one was seen on the wall of Chester the Cheetah during the Family Guy episode  "Chick Cancer" from 2006.
 - Thanks to Paul Dreyer and Stergios Korfiatis for the headsup!

Rush Referenced On "The Colbert Report"

On last night's episode of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, Colbert tells of a 24 year old Canadian "Grinch" who was arrested for harassing children and telling them Santa Claus wasn't real.  (Click here for a video clip).  Colbert goes on to say that due to time constraints there is no Santa Claus in Canada, but that celebrities like Rush pick up the slack for him:
"...but don't worry Canadian kids, you still have a Santa - it's just a Canadian Santa. Every year I believe it rotates to a different Canadian celebrity. Last year it was Nelly Furtado Claus, this year it's Rush. So that jing-jing-jingle you hear on the roof is just Neil Peart (pronounced "Pert") breaking into a 45-minute high hat solo."
- Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!

Sharp Magazine December 2012 - "Rush's Rock Renaissance"

The December issue of Canada's Sharp magazine includes a feature story on Rush titled "Rush's Rock Renaissance: How three nerds from Ontario created a musical empire, and why 2012 was their greatest year yet", and it is available online.

Rush Inducted into Guitar Center's Historic RockWalk

Rush were inducted into Guitar Center's "RockWalk" at their Hollywood California location on Sunset Boulevard, in an exclusive invite only induction ceremony at noon today, November 20th.  Geddy Lee commented on the induction in a press release announcing the event:
"We are very pleased to have been chosen by our peers and fellow musicians for induction in Guitar Center's RockWalk," said Rush's Geddy Lee.  "It is an honor to have our names added to this illustrious list of great and highly talented musicians."

"Not only is Rush extraordinary as a band, but each member is incredibly talented in their own right," said Dave Weiderman, Chairman of Guitar Center's RockWalk. "With nearly thirty years together, this group has consistently delivered skilled musicianship, experimental-drive and stylistically diverse rock to music fans worldwide. In short – Rush is long-deserving of being honored by Guitar Center's RockWalk." - PR Newswire, November 8, 2012
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Rush "5 Classic Albums" Boxed Set Now Available

As part of their "5 Classic Albums" series which includes bundles by classic rock bands including Styx, KISS, Tom Petty, and others, Mercury records have done it again...another year and another reissue from the Rush back catalog.  Just a year after the release of the newly remastered Rush Sectors boxed sets, Mercury have released another all new low cost Rush boxed set.

Released October 2, Rush 5 Classic Albums is a box of what are arguably 5 of Rush's greatest albums: Fly By Night, 2112, A Farewell To Kings, Moving Pictures and Signals.  You can get all 5 albums for the low price of just $20!  These are the "Rush Remasters" pressings from '97, in standard individual jewelcases, housed in an overall slip-case box.