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El Doom's Cheeky Rush Tribute

"El Doom And The Born Electric will be offering an exclusive tour shirt on their UK trek with Kvelertak starting this week.  The Norwegians’ cheeky merch item is their take on Rush’s iconic ‘Starman’ logo – but frontman El Doom insists it’s all just a coincidence.  He explains: 'I wanted to make a special shirt for this tour of the UK, and one day in my studio I somehow found myself standing in this strange but familiar position.  And what do you know? Suddenly it somehow looked like this. Don’t tell Geddy…'" -, March 4, 2012

Conan O'Brien Mentions Rush During His Monologue

During last night's monologue on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, when discussing how the Cardinals in Rome have begun the process of choosing a new Pope, Conan says:
"The top choice for the new Pope could be a Canadian. Isn't that amazing? If elected Pope his first act would be to grant sainthood to Wayne Gretsky, Celine Dion and Geddy Lee from Rush!"
He then goes on to point out a few folks in the audience who cheered his joke, remarking that they were a little Rush section over there, and saying that he just outed them as Rush fans. You can watch the monologue here. - Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!

Rush Mention In "Treasure Detectives" Preview Feature

Yesterday Yahoo! News published a teaser story and slideshow for the series premiere of CNBC's Treasure Detectives, which premiered last night, March 5th, at 9:00pm ET.  In a case of life imitating art, the online story tells of the discovery of a rare original Ferrari 166 Mille Miglia, the car featured in the song "Red Barchetta", that had been "preserved for for fifty-odd years":
"This 1950 Ferrari 166 Mille Miglia was not really lost, but it was out of the public eye for nearly half a century (much like the car stashed in a barn in the 1981 song "Red Barchetta" by Rush). This rare intact example of the original Ferrari racing car (only 166 were made, per the name) went from disuse to the cover of the September/October 2006 issue of Cavallino Magazine and then was shown at the 2007 Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach, Fla."
I do need to correct the author of the above, it is not true that "only 166 were made, per the name".  In fact, only thirty-eight of these hand built masterpieces were produced, from 1947 to 1953. The first "sports car" (as opposed to a race car) ever shown on a Ferrari chassis, the 166 got its name from the 166 cubic centimeters of capacity from each of its twelve cylinders.  It is unknown if the car was featured in the television broadcast. - Thanks to Eric Minassian for the headsup!

Alex Lifeson Featured In Guitar World, April 2013 Issue

The all new (April) issue of Guitar World magazine is now on sale, and includes an interview with Alex Lifeson where he talks about Rush's upcoming Hall of Fame induction and the new, deluxe reissue of 2112.  In the interview, he also discusses possible rarities from the vault to be played on future tours:
"I've often wanted to bring back 'The Twilight Zone,' because it's such a quirky little song. It would be really cool to attack it again with sort of our new way of approaching our older material."
So we've got that tease to look forward to!  Check out the full article here. - Thanks to John with for sharing the transcript!

Neil Peart's "News Weather and Sports" - March 2013

Neil Peart has just updated his website with "Winter Latitudes" the latest edition of News, Weather & Sports.   Neil talks about cross country skiing in sub-zero Quebec during his two week vacation there in February, mentions an inspiration to the song "Marathon", hiking the Santa Monica mountains near L.A., and spending time with his family.  Check it out now.

"Counterparts" SACD by AudioFidelity Now Available

buy now
The release of the SACD (Super Audio CD) edition of Rush's Counterparts by AudioFidelity has finally been released today - click here to purchase.

This will be one of the company's first SACD releases in over 10 years, and their first Rush release since the release of their Roll The Bones Gold CD on August 2, 2011.

In addition, we have learned that AudioFidelity has requested the master tapes of Presto for their next Rush release! - Thanks to Matt Yenkala for the headsup!

Geddy Lee visits the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show in NYC

UPDATE March 4: NYC's Q107.3 just posted a bonus video with Geddy Lee from his visit last week where we asked to get his take on a few topics ranging from the most surprising thing he has on his iPod to what makes perfect Poutine…  Click here for the video.

Geddy Lee joined the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show in NYC today in the studio to talking about RUSH’s upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, touring, baseball, how proud his is of his kids and more.   Click here for the full video of his interview and photos. - Thanks to Alexis Greenan for the headsup!

Alex Lifeson Introduces His Signature Lerxst® Omega Guitar Amplifier

Mojotone and Alex Lifeson are releasing an exact replica of the custom amplifier used in his guitar rig. Dubbed the Lerxst Omega, the amp will be available to the public immediately:
The Lerxst® Omega amplifier was created by Mojotone based on a vintage Marshall amp Lifeson used in the studio while recording the band's latest album, "Clockwork Angels." With select modifications made to the circuitry and an overwhelming attention to aesthetic detail, this 25/50 watt amp is a marvel in the world of modern sound amplification. And for a guitarist like Alex, who has one of the most distinctive and recognizable tones in rock music, the Lerxst has to live up to a high level of expectation.
"It sounds so good!" stated Lifeson, moments after receiving the very first build of his new signature amp. "We pulled the Marshall last night after A/B-ing the two. The tonal character is quite similar, but the response of the Lerxst® has greater immediacy, sustain and grip."
Mojotone--in direct partnership with Alex Lifeson--will produce the all hand-wired Lerxst® Omega amp ($2,995) and matching Celestion G-12M loaded Tall 4x12 speaker cabinet ($1550). The amp and cabinet will be available via the website immediately.
 For more info visit

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson on VH-1's "Big Morning Buzz"

Today Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson appeared on VH-1's Big Morning Buzz with Carrie Keagan.  Check it out here.

Ottawa Bluesfest 2013 Lineup Announced, Includes Rush

The 2012 Ottawa Bluesfest lineup has been announced, and Rush is included with a concert on July 8th.  The early bird sale, which gives a discount on the festival pass, starts tomorrow (though tickets for singles shows do not appear to be going on sale until a later date). All ticket information including day tickets, VIP tickets and pricing will be listed tomorrow as of 10AM EST at For more details visit - Thanks to Jodey Derouin for the headsup!

Rush Sighting In Rob Zombie's "The Lords Of Salem"

Rush fan Rob Zombie's new film, The Lords Of Salem, hits theaters on April 19th.  Check out this preview from Time Out New York:
"If you've come to admire the directorial career of Rob Zombie (don't laugh, horror haters), then you know his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, who appears in all of his work. She gives a rich performance in Rob's new one, as a Rush-loving DJ turned coven member."
- Thanks to Carl Flynn for the headsup!

Clockwork Angels Tour Concert Video - Release Date Undetermined

This past November, Rush filmed their Phoenix and Dallas concerts for their next eagerly awaited live DVD and CD release. 

Although there has been more than one rumored release date passed along online, the band's management has confirmed that NO release date has been determined at this time.  Until we see an official press release regarding the DVD, any other rumored dates should be taken with a grain of salt.

Geddy And Alex to appear on Nights With Alice Cooper Tonight

Posted two hours ago to Facebook:
Geddy and Alex from RUSH comin' in for an interview today! What questions do you have for them?! - NightsWithAliceCooper

Rush singer Geddy Lee expecting big year for Blue Jays

The USA Today posted a new interview with Geddy Lee where he discussed baseball, both past and present, including his outlook on this year's Blue Jays:
"This year might be a different story," he said. "I think my fantasy fanaticism may have to take a back seat to my home team.

"Jose Reyes is going to be very exciting to see in a Blue Jay uniform. I think he may be the most intriguing player that they acquired in the offseason – not to take anything away from Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Melky Cabrera and even R.A. Dickey. Jose Reyes, because he's coming off what I guess was viewed as a bit of a soft year, and because he's had such dominant years in the past, I think it'll be very interesting to see how he adapts to the American League.

"I think [Reyes'] season could dictate the kind of season the Blue Jays have this year," Lee said. "But even if he's average, the team has now acquired so much depth that I think they can withstand a softer year from him than many people expect, particularly because of the depth in the starting rotation. You're talking about a team whose ace last year is now their fifth starter. That is a total rebuild. That is a shocking rebuild, with Dickey, Johnson, Buehrle and Brandon Morrow – who I'm a big believer in."

Lee also expects a resurgent season from Toronto's young third baseman, Brett Lawrie.

"Lawrie came off a tremendous triple-A season in Las Vegas when they called him up, and that carried over into the Major Leagues," he said. "Last year, I guess some people were disappointed that it didn't continue. But that's typical growing pains. There are very few kids who can just come up from the minors and take off – very few Miggy Cabreras out there. They're few and far between. Most of them have to work at it, and they need a couple of years. Certainly in that lineup now, he's going to have a chance to do some damage."

Geddy & Alex on just announced that today at 3:30pm Eastern Time, Geddy and Alex will be doing a LIVE Spreecast video chat with The Wall Street Journal and fans. Here is a link to the event:  Fans: Sign in to Spreecast via Facebook/Twitter/email to ask questions, or as a guest to view. Fans can watch, comment in the chat box, submit questions or you can even request to come on screen and ask Rush your questions live.

The David Barrett Trio, produced by Alex Lifeson - Now Available

Two years in the making, the new eponymous album by the David Barrett Trio, produced by Alex Lifeson, Richard Chycki, and Alan Parsons, will be released tomorrow. Click to here to order.

The David Barrett Trio released three Alex Lifeson produced tracks on iTunes back in 2011: "Hollowbody", the trio's first single, was released March 15th; "Sonar" was released on May 24th, and "Disappearance", was released July 19th.  Check out this pre-production session developing the ending for Great Eastern Sun, the last track on the album posted by the DBT this past January (click here for part 1; part 2).

In "The David Barrett Trio Rocks Out, With a Little Help From Rush's Alex Lifeson" posted to on September 27, 2011, David talked about the project and his relationship with Alex Lifeson:
"In Jan. 2010, Alex listened to my latest acoustic album The Dead Arm and had some constructive criticism, but also offered to produce with the idea that I'd benefit from such an experience. Alex really insisted I use a band because he felt the music would develop more fully that way. I'm truly inspired because I'm working with a great rhythm section as a power trio, and my favorite guitar player is producing. I have Alex to thank not only for the production team, but also for renewing my interest in loud electric guitar, which is what I do best.

"I met Alex Lifeson's son Justin back in the early 1990's when I was recording with Mark Holmes at Jeff Healey's studio in Toronto. Justin's a great guy and an old Platinum Blonde fan, so he knew Mark from back in the day and dropped by the studio one evening to say hi. We became friends, and I got to know Alex sometime later. Over the years Alex has helped me out with gear, recording projects, and we've even jammed in his basement a couple times. The engineer on this project is Rich Chycki, and coincidentally, Rich was the house engineer at the Healey studio on all the sessions I did with Amanda Marshall and Mark Holmes. Rich also produced my first solo guitar record in 1995 called, Staring Into The Sun. I recommended Rich to Alex, ten years before he actually became Rush's main recording and mixing engineer!"
For more information on the David Barrett Trio, click here.

Omnium Gatherum Covers "Subdivisions"

Finnish death metal band Omnium Gatherum's latest album Beyond is coming March 5th.  Included as a bonus track is their cover of Rush's "Subdivisions". - Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!

Rush #28 Highest Paid Musicians Of Past 12 Months

Rush came in at #28 on Billboard's list of the 40 highest-paid musicians of the past 12 months with a total of $8,719,834.30.
"With or without recognition from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rush fans are tremendously loyal, turning out en masse for tours and ponying up for records, the latter to the tune of more than 500,000 physical units in 2012. These guys are perennials." -, February 22, 2103 (Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!)

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass - Autographed by RUSH - Raises over $10,000

UPDATE: The autographed Geddy Lee Jazz Bass sold for over $10,000, as reported here:
" handled the sale of a black  Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Guitar autographed by the Rush bassist and vocalist,  Geddy Lee himself, along with fellow  band mates Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart (all three of whom will be on hand when Rush is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2013). The sale raised over $10,000 after the guitar was auctioned off through" -, February 22, 2013 is selling a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, autographed by all three members of RUSH, with all proceeds going to the Fender Music Foundation.  The asking price is $15,000 although you can make your best offer.

Bubba's Book Club Issue 17

Neil Peart has updated his website with Issue 17 of Bubba's Book Club.  As the subtitle of the issue reads, it's "praising 21 titles, mostly novels, and all by living authors."
"My list of the past year’s literary favorites now numbers twenty-one titles, nearly all of them novels. In addition, I notice with surprise and delight that every single one is by a living author, all but one published within the last decade. That says a great deal about my feelings toward the state of modern fiction."