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"Love Me Some Rush" - Lance Hardy Photography

Here's something off the beaten path.  Last September, photographer Lance Hardy posted to his blog "Love Me Some Rush", a series of photographs where Rush album art is projected onto nude models.  I should say in advance, it is tastefully done!  Check them out here! - Thanks to Joe Pesch for the headsup!
"There are momentous times in your life that you never forget. They vary in poignance and significance, yet the events (becoming history) that paint our individual lives leave indelible memories. For me, one such key memory is the moment I was truly introduced to a band named RUSH.....So where does all this bring me today? Well then… I simply wanted to take this incredible, unforgettable influence in my life and have a little fun making some fun images my way. RUSH album art is incredible and consistently well done by artist Hugh Syme. My tribute, using this life spanning art in a fun photo shoot with always awesome Cassidy and my gorgeous co-conspirator." - Lance Hardy, September 18, 2013

Clockwork Angels tour makes Pollstar's top tours of 2013 has released their list of the Top 100 Worldwide and Top 200 North American tours for 2013. Rush's Clockwork Angels tour came in at #64 ($14.9 million) on the North American list and #82 ($21.2 million) on the Worldwide list. Note that the numbers reported don't include the festival shows in Sweden, Ottawa or Quebec City. On the worldwide chart, Rush is listed as playing 34 shows with an average gross of $642,424 and attendance of 8129. On the North American chart, they are listed as playing 25 shows with an average gross of $620,833 and attendance of 8338. You can check out the complete lists at and get the detailed show-by-show breakdown from Billboard for all of the US shows in the tour section. - Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!

Rhythm Magazine's "The Story Of The Drum Solo" - Dec 2013 issue

The December 2013 issue of Rhythm is a special drum solo issue.  Included is the feature story "The Story of the Drum Solo" which focuses on the history of the drum solo, and includes pieces of interviews with several drumming greats, including Neil Peart.  John at has transcribed the article, you can check it out here!

Clockwork Angels: The Novel - Coming to Paperback May 13th

Kevin J. Anderson's "Clockwork Angels: The Novel", based on the story by Neil Peart, is coming to paperback May 13th.   Preorder it here.
"Kevin J. Anderson and Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart have collaborated to convert the legendary rock band's latest album, Clockwork Angels, into a full-lengh steampunk novel. The music throughout the Clockwork Angels - the band's 20th studio album - forms the backbone of a colorful adventure story, which is now fully realized in Clockwork Angels: The Novel. The story tells of a young man caught between the grandiose forces of order and chaos. On a quest to follow his dreams, he travels across a lavish and colorful world of steampunk and alchemy, with lost cities, pirates, anarchists, exotic carnivals, airships and steam engines, and a rigid Watchmaker who imposes precision on every aspect of daily life." - ECW Press
Clockwork Angels, The Novel is also available in hardback, ebook, and audiobook, as well as the difficult to find limited edition Watchmaker's Edition.

Thinking Big: Rush's "Clockwork Angels" Concept Album to Be Graphic Novel - Huffington Post

Today's Huffington Post posted a new article promoting the CA graphic novel. Looks like the final cover has been revealed as well!
At San Diego Comic Con, Anderson showed several comic publishers the Hugh Syme artwork from the novel. He pitched them the idea of expanding the multi-media platform from music to prose to comics. "All of the companies were interested, but said they would have to consider it, have meetings, run numbers," Anderson says. But when he talked with Ross Richie, founder and CEO of Boom! Studios, he received an entirely different response. In an e-mail, Richie wrote, "HOLY CRAP!!! Rush!!!! WHOA!!!! This is so cool!!!!!" Anderson smiles. "That was more in keeping with the enthusiasm we were looking for."

Boom! signed up for a six-issue series that Anderson would script himself with input and art development from Peart, to be collected as a trade paperback graphic novel when the comic run was complete.

Then began the hunt for an artist who could create the images evoked by the concept album and the novel. After Boom! submitted several possibilities, both Anderson and Peart loved the work of newcomer Nick Robles, a Louisiana-based artist, whose style perfectly captured the world of the Watchmaker, the Anarchist, and Owen Hardy.

Peart says, "I am excited by this opportunity to realize the visions that Kevin and I have shared for a few years-and I am excited by Nick's excellent art. So far we have made great strides in creating characters with true personality, and scenes of imaginative and original 'artificial reality.' (Now there's a concept...)"

"I've never felt so gratefully overwhelmed with a project, and the faith put in me," says Robles. "I hope this is the start to a wonderful career, and I can't wait until the first book is finished and in print."

The first monthly issue debuts in March and is currently available for preorder here.
 Click here for more.

"Donna Halper: Rush and Radio"

On New Year's Eve, Radiogirl podcast posted a new interview with Donna Halper:
"Donna Halper is best known for bringing Rush to the USA, but she's had a long career in radio. She talks about the radio business; her start in radio at Northeastern University, where she was the first woman on the air; her consulting biz; if radio can be revived; overcoming obstacles; her books and essays about baseball and the media; women in radio; being weird; how she got on the air; Arnie Ginsburg; why she hated Cleveland; getting fired for not doing drugs; sexual harassment; being persistent; WMMS in Cleveland, where she introduced Rush to the United States; why Rush is different; her friendship with them; why it took a long time for Rush to get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; what Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart are like...and lots more." -, December 31, 2013

"Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel" Now Available For Preorder

"Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel" is now available for preorder directly from the publisher, Boom! Studios.  Shipping in March, the first issue can be ordered for $3.99, or the full six issues can be ordered for $29.99; it is unspecified whether all individual issues will be the same price.  Shipping is included in the subscription cost.

40th Reissue of "Rush" Coming in 2014

According to The Globe And Mail, a reissue of RUSH's 1974 debut album to celebrate the LP's 40th anniversary will be made available next year. The source of the information is Universal Music Canada's VP of catalog marketing Ivar Hamilton, who says the members of RUSH are "very involved" in the process of putting the package together. Click here for more. - Thanks to Frank Ray for the headsup!

Canadian Music Scene's Interview with Allan Weinrib and Dale Heslip regarding the Rush Concert Videos

The Canadian Music Scene has posted a new interview with Allan Weinrib and Dale Heslip where they discuss the in concert-videos from the last four concert tours, as well as the filming of the Clockwork Angels Tour.  Check it out here!
- Thanks to Paul Beaulieu for the headsup!

Neil Peart Advertisement for Aerostitch

On Friday, Aerostich equipment for riders sent out an email blast which includes a word from spokesman Neil Peart.  Their online store is offering 30% the original "Transit" jacket and pants, of which is a satisfied owner.  Click here for more details of the sale. - Thanks to Larry Barnes for the headsup!

Middle-Earth Anthems: 10 Classic Hard Rock Songs That Pay Homage To The Hobbit

The second installment of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy hit theaters this weekend, and VH-1 posted their list of "10 Classic Hard Rock Songs That Pay Homage To The Hobbit".  Included in the list are "Rivendell" from Fly By Night, and "The Necromancer" from Caress of Steel.

12 Days of RUSH - Daily Prizes December 13th through the 24th!

Today Rush sent out the following blast; make sure you're signed up!:
Happy Holidays to all of our RUSH fans! We are getting in the holiday spirit and giving you 12 Days of Rush. Starting Friday December 13, we will be giving away a special RUSH prize each day until the 24th. What will be decking the halls? Check back on, @rushtheband on Twitter or Rush on Facebook each day from December 13th to the 24th to see what new prize will be unveiled. Prizes may include a new RUSH DVD, a set of Bobblehead dolls or even something rare and collectible!

Since you're getting this email, you are already included in the list for the draw each day. However, we kindly ask you to update your info here so we can be better at sending area-specific emails to you for specific shows and events. Rush mailing list: Winners will be chosen at random. Please note, you only need to sign up once to be in the drawing each day. Good luck!

"'Clockwork Angels' a heavenly comics debut for Rush" - USA Today

Today the USAToday published a short article containing a sneak peak and the upcoming comic book series Clockwork AngelsBased on the novelization written by Kevin J. Anderson, the six issue story is tentatively scheduled to debut in April, 2014:
"It's just a beautifully painted world in the music that I tried to capture in the novel and now tried to turn into a different direction," says Anderson, who's working with artist newcomer Nick Robles.  "Who knows, we might have ice follies someday or a Broadway musical."

Even if songs such as Carnies, BU2B and Seven Cities of Gold never make it to official show tune status, Clockwork Angels has grown far bigger than Peart ever imagined.

"Kevin and I had talked for years about combining a novel and an album in some fashion, but I guess the idea had to grow up as Kevin and I did — gaining maturity and confidence in our own separate crafts, while gaining the life experience necessary to give the story its scale and depth," Peart says.  "So, rather than a longtime dream realized, this project is more like a fantastic new dream unfolding before us."  For more visit
- Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Video for Cyril Neville's "Working Man" cover

Back on September 10th, Cyril Neville released his latest blues album, Magic Honey. Included is a cover of Rush's "Working Man", which is being promoted with a new video directed by Mark Bergeron.  According to Neville:
"My son Omari turned me on to that song. It wound up on my CD Magic Honey, and now we do it in the Royal Southern Brotherhood, closing out the show every night. We’ve been rocking houses from one end of Europe to the other with it." - Cyril Neville,, December 9, 2013

- Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Alex Lifeson talks Clockwork Angels -

UPDATE: Today has posted part two of their recent video interview with Alex Lifeson, where he discusses his live rig for the Clockwork Angels tour, and the design process behind his signature Gibson.

On Black Friday posted part one of an interview with Alex Lifeson where he discusses the Clockwork Angels tour and the subsequent live release.  Check it out below:

Rush 40th Anniversary "Google Doodle" Campaign

An effort has been started for Google to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original Canadian release of Rush's debut album with a special Google Doodle.  For more info visit

Rich Engler's "Behind The Stage Door", includes foreword by Alex Lifeson

Pittsburgh concert promoter Rich Engler has just written a new book titled Behind The Stage Door.  The book includes a foreword written by Alex Lifeson.
"Behind The Stage Door is a ride through the years and a compilation of 80 tracks (chapters) and over 300 photos, posters, and admats from Rich Engler’s personal collection.  For anyone who loves rock n’ roll, this book is a must." -
Click here for more info.

"Guest List: Geddy Lee" Included in latest issue of Rolling Stone

The new December 19th issue of Rolling Stone magazine (featuring Will Ferrell on the cover) includes Geddy Lee in the "Guest List" column where he discusses his favorite songs.  Click here for the transcript. - Thanks to RushIsABand for the  headsup!

Heaven Below covers Subdivisions featuring William Shatner

Get from iTunes
Los Angeles based band Heaven Below covers Subdivisions on their new EP, Sleeping Giants, released on iTunes on Monday. The song features the legendary William Shatner; a video for the song has also been released.

"Clockwork Angels Tour" Live Release Now Available - Opens At #1

The Clockwork Angels Tour live video and album was released November 19th.  The  video premiered at #1 on Billboard's Video Chart, while the live album version opened at #33 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart. - Thanks to for the headsup!

Two years in the making, the audio is available CD/iTunes while the video has been released on both DVD and Blu-Ray; get it here: CD/iTunes/DVD/Blu-Ray. Thanks for supporting Power Windows!

Rush have unveiled details for their first new recording since being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year. On November 19th, Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour will be released simultaneously via Anthem/Roadrunner Records on CD and iTunes, and the companion DVD/Blu-Ray on Anthem/Zoe Vision/Rounder.

Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour was filmed and recorded last November at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas, during Rush's highly successful Clockwork Angels Tour. The eleven month-marathon world tour crossed North America twice and ventured overseas to Europe in support of the band's acclaimed 2012 studio release Clockwork Angels.

In capturing the tour's electrifying three hour set, Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour pairs Rush classics ("Tom Sawyer," "The Spirit Of Radio," "2112"), with a nod to the 80's Rush era (The Analog Kid," "Territories," "Subdivisions") alongside newly reworked arrangements specifically for the tour featuring the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble ("Headlong Flight," "YYZ," "Red Sector A"). The string section marks the first time the trio has brought additional musicians on the road with them. To showcase their latest studio release, the epic set list also features nine tracks off Clockwork Angels. Other highlights include tracks rarely performed and never before recorded live ("The Body Electric," "Middletown Dreams"), in addition to three separate drum solos by the incomparable Neil Peart.

Beyond the incredible live performances, the DVD includes a 25-minute tour documentary titled "Can't Stop Thinking Big", featuring interviews with all 3 members, exclusive and behind the scenes footage, and offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the Rush tour machine and insight into the band members themselves. Other special features on the DVD include the trio of hilarious shorts created specifically for the tour as well as interviews and outtakes captured during their filming. Additional filmed sketches and a rare soundcheck performance of perennial favourite "Limelight" round out the exclusive offerings.

Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour comes on the heels of Anthem/Atlantic's September 30th release of Vapor Trails Remixed, a newly remixed version of the band's 2002 album VAPOR TRAILS and 7-disc boxed set THE STUDIO ALBUMS 1989-2007, which features every studio album Rush recorded for Atlantic Records.

Release date: November 19th
DVD (Anthem/Zoe Vision/Rounder)
CD (Anthem/Roadrunner Records) -, September 16, 2013

See below for the tracklist and special features details.