Rush News


Feedback, Rush's EP containing eight cover songs from the 60's, was released June 29th. For additional information including comments from the band regarding the release, click here.
"We always talked about throwing a cover or two into the encore just for fun. When we put this 30th anniversary tour together, we realized that we didn't have enough time to do a proper studio album. A friend of mine suggested, 'Well, maybe you guys should dip into your past. Play some songs you used to play when you were in your formative years. Just record them quickly for fun, not overthink it, and just put out a little EP to celebrate where you were as opposed to where you are.' We thought it might be a way to juice us before the tour, so that's what we did. We tried not to get too trendy with it and really go back and play songs that we really did play in early versions of our band. We recorded about eight of them and did them live off the floor in a very short period of time for us - three weeks. It was really a lot of fun." - Geddy Lee, The Columbus Dispatch, June 2, 2004
"We talked about maybe doing a couple cover songs making them available on our website but once we got into it, we fell in love with the idea. We were having so much fun that we expanded it to 8 songs and if we'd had the time, we could easily have done 12 or 13 songs and made a full album." - Alex Lifeson,, July 29, 2004

Toronto Rocks DVD

Rush performed for approximately 450,000 people as part of the "Molson Canadian Rocks For Toronto" concert, a benefit for Toronto's SARS-depressed economy held on July 30th, 2003, in Toronto's Downsview Park. Three songs from Rush's set are included on the Toronto Rocks DVD, released June 29th, 2004. The all day concert was cut to 2:40 for DVD which contains six songs by the Stones, and between one to three songs from the remaining performers. Each performer was sent a tape of their performance, and allowed to choose their favorites: Rush chose "Limelight", "Freewill" and "The Spirit of Radio" (with an instrumental intro of The Stones' "Paint It, Black"). Included in the bonus footage is Peart's meeting the Stones' Charlie Watts and discussing drums. A two disk set in Canada, the DVD will be released as a single disk elsewhere by cutting out some of the lesser known Canadian talent. All artists agreed to dontate all DVD sales revenue to several charities, especially those related to the SARS outbreak (benefitting hospitality and health workers). For additional information click here. - June 29, 2004