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VH1 Classic's "Rush Hashanah" Starts Tonight: the World Premiere of "Time Machine Live In Cleveland"

VH1 Classic's annual "Rush Hashanah" celebration kicks off tonight, September 28th, with "Rush Classic Albums" at 7PM and will be followed by the world premiere of Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland from 8-10PM.  Additional Rush airings will include Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, R30 and Rush in Rio

Professional Lighting & Production Summer 2011 Issue

Check out the online edition of the Summer 2011 issue of Professional Lighting and Production for the cover feature "A Rush Of Light, Four Decades In The Making", an interview with lighting designer Howard Ungerleider. - Thanks RushFanForever for the headsup!

Machine Head Covers "Witch Hunt", gives props to Rush

San Francisco metal band Machine Head's Unto The Locust, was released September 27th; the special edition includes a cover of Rush's "Witch Hunt".  

In April of this year, the band had posted "The Making Of The New Album" to Youtube showing their "Jam Room" containing 2112 among a collection of posters of "all of our favorite bands, the bands that meant something, and helped create what we became" (the video also shows drummer Dave McClain wearing a Permanent Waves t-shirt).
"Machine Head drummer Dave McClain says their much anticipated new album has come together with a little bit of help from veterans Rush...'Three records ago I bought Robb the whole Rush catalogue and that's when our songs started extending with lots of parts. Kinda more challenging ourselves. Rush are responsible for a lot of things, even mentally in this band.  There was an interview with Geddy Lee (Rush singer) a long time ago where he said "If we get played on the radio it’s going to be by accident." Because they wouldn't write for radio and that struck a chord with all of us especially in the "Through The Ashes" where it was a crossroads in our career where we said if we were going to be ousted out of the music business we wanted to go out fighting and be a pure 100 per cent metal band and not worried about what anybody said.'" -, August 2, 2011

"Interview with Andy Curran – A&R at SRO/Anthem"

One Louder Magazine has published a new interview with Andy Curran, A&R at SRO/Anthem.  Andy discusses his career in music, including his current job at SRO, his day to day jobs, the Time Machine Tour, and more. Click here for the article. - Thanks to Skip Daly for the headsup!

Time Machine Tour - In pictures: Alex Lifeson's live rig

Total Guitar has posted another feature featuring Alex's Lifeson's live rig on the Time Machine Tour.  Check it out here. - September 23, 2011

The 2010 leg of the Time Machine Tour kicked off June 29th in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and concluded October 17th in Santiago, Chile. The 2010 tour ranked #29 on Pollstar's Top 50 North American Tours, grossing $26.4 million with 372,407 tickets sold over 36 shows.

The 2011 leg of the Time Machine Tour kicked off March 30th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, saw the first ever filming of a US Rush Concert in Cleveland on April 15th, their first visit to Ireland, as well as stops in Canada, Scandinavia, Britain, Holland and Germany before coming to a close on July 2nd at The Gorge near Seattle, Washington.

Visit the Time Machine Tour News Archive for complete tour details including news and reviews, setlist, band comments, concert photos, videos, and essential links.

Rush Producer Nick Raskulinecz: "We will start recording again in mid October."

In a new interview, Rush Producer Nick Raskulinecz discusses the current status of Clockwork Angels.
"We have recorded two songs already and we released them last year and then the band went on tour. But we are currently in preproduction right now so that we can finish the rest of the record which we will start recording again in mid October."
Read the full interview, "Nick Raskulinecz: 'The Music Industry Is A Sinking Ship'", at - Thanks to Ed at RushIsABand for the headsup!

3 Inches Of Blood Covers "Anthem"

In February 3 Inches Of Blood, a Canadian heavy metal group from Vancouver, announced that they had recorded a cover of Rush's "Anthem".  The song will appear in the new film "Lloyd The Conqueror", which stars Mike Smith (Trailer Park Boys), which will  premiere September 24th as part of the Calgary International Film Festival.  In addition, directly following the premiere, 3 Inches of Blood will be performing at the official after party beginning at 9:00 PM at Dickens Pub; tickets can be purchased here: - Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!
"...Shane [Clark] reveals, they have recorded two new Clark-penned originals and a cover of Rush's 'Anthem'. 'For the last five years, I've had this compulsive Rush disorder,' he laughs, explaining that his Rush obsession began when he saw their documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage. 'When that documentary came out, it just kicked that into high gear. It's just such a great movie. You get to know the whole band a little bit better. Alex Lifeson is one of my favourite guitar players. The way he plays, no one else sounds like him. That's very influential for me.'" -, February 27, 2010

Geddy Lee Interviewed For The Chop Shop's 9/11 Tribute

"Envision Radio Networks' The Chop Shop Guitar Show's 9/11 Tribute is now available for streaming here.  The show, which will also run on the show’s affiliate stations, features personal remembrances from a number of classic rock artists who found their lives forever altered by the events.

Host Steve Black is joined by Geddy Lee of Rush, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, guitarist Steve Vai, members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and several others who share their stories, surrounded by the music that helped to bring everyone together as our country worked to move forward.

Geddy Lee recalls the moment when he learned about the attacks: "I was in Toronto and somebody found me and told me to turn on the television and of course I sat there for the next two hours just completely stunned and appalled by what I was watching."  He went on to say, "My reaction was much the same as any normal human being, I was sickened by it and it had a profound effect on the entire world I think and life has really not been the same since that day." -, September 10, 2011

Tom Cochrane Releasing New EP featuring Alex Lifeson

Today Canada's announced that Tom Cochrane will be releasing a four song EP featuring Alex Lifeson later this year:
"Tom Cochrane will return with his first new release since 2006. The ‘Life is a Highway’ singer is planning a limited edition four song EP, originally scheduled for a September 2011 release. The EP, will contain three new un-released tracks and a new single and title track ‘Voices At 4 AM’, featuring Andrew Cole, Alex Lifeson (Rush), Lyle Molzen (Jann Arden, Michael Buble), Kenny Greer (Red Rider), Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Elton) and Carl Jennings.

Rush Featured in "Mobile Production Monthly"

Rush is on the cover of the latest issue of Mobile Production Monthly.  The issue is available online; click here to download.  Included are multiple feature stories from the Time Machine tour, with road crew interviews, multiple photos and more. - Thanks to Ed at RushIsABand for the headsup!

Alex Lifeson music for "The Double" - sample now online

We learned last spring that Alex Lifeson has contributed to the musical score including the "outro/credit" music for the upcoming film The Double staring Topher Grace, Martin Sheen and Richard Gere, set for release September 23rd.  The plotline is "a retired CIA operative is paired with a young FBI agent to unravel the mystery of a senator's murder, with all signs pointing to a Soviet assassin", and features a musical score by John Debney.

The film's co-writer Derek Haas has uploaded a two minute clip of the credit music, titled "Don't Look Back", and had this to say about working with Alex Lifeson:
"Alex Lifeson played guitar on the score throughout the movie (the great John Debney composed it). We asked Alex to write a song for the closing credits and he wrote/recorded "Don't Look Back," a brand-spanking new single. ... How this came about: Michael and I got to know Alex and Geddy when they were in LA finishing Snakes & Arrows. Alex is a movie-buff and literature-buff and he expressed interest in scoring films. (I hope you detect my admiration shining through... he's truly one of the greatest guys I've ever met. Geddy too, but that's a different story.) As we were putting THE DOUBLE together, Michael and I told Alex we'd love for him to be included any way he wanted. We did the movie for very little money so we weren't going to be able to afford him but we wanted to throw it out there. He was between the two tours so he asked us to send him the latest cut of the film and he started talking to the composer (Debney) via email and the phone. Then he just went to town... the guy is astonishing. And generous. The single is definitely not a RUSH song but you can sure here Alex's distinctive 'voice' all over it."- Derek Haas, The Rush Forum, August 15, 2011

Neil Peart, Rhythm Magazine's August Cover Story - Transcript Online

The August 2011 issue of U.K.'s Rhythm magazine includes an 11-page cover feature on Neil Peart.  The complete transcript of this article is now online at
"Peart lets the reader in on why, after 45 years behind the kit, he's still working to make himself a better player. Neil talks about taking lessons, improvisation, finding the perfect sound and much more. The reader also gets a guided tour (see video below) of the "Time Machine" kit from Neil's drum tech Lorne Wheaton and winds the clock back to The Professor's first-ever Rhythm cover way back in 1987." -, July 5, 2011