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Time Machine Tour - In pictures: Alex Lifeson's live rig

Total Guitar has posted another feature featuring Alex's Lifeson's live rig on the Time Machine Tour.  Check it out here. - September 23, 2011

The 2010 leg of the Time Machine Tour kicked off June 29th in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and concluded October 17th in Santiago, Chile. The 2010 tour ranked #29 on Pollstar's Top 50 North American Tours, grossing $26.4 million with 372,407 tickets sold over 36 shows.

The 2011 leg of the Time Machine Tour kicked off March 30th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, saw the first ever filming of a US Rush Concert in Cleveland on April 15th, their first visit to Ireland, as well as stops in Canada, Scandinavia, Britain, Holland and Germany before coming to a close on July 2nd at The Gorge near Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Actually seeing the Germany show since I'm stationed in Italy with the US Army. flying my brother out for it too!

  2. I saw the Time Machine Tour back in October 2010, yes I was hoping for a change in the set list for the second leg in 2011 but I must say, opening night of the 2011 tour was the best Rush performance I've been too (been to every tour since Signals). Worth every penny for the tickets, hotel, cab fare, plane tickets, food, etc, etc. It's not an exact repeat, the songs are the same but the playing is better, sound was better. This second leg is not to be missed. A successful tour this year will only bring us an even better tour next year for Clock Work Angels. Suck it up, go into debt, whatever, just don't miss this second leg. You will not regret it!

  3. I'm hoping that a setlist change will happen later on this tour. If not, we can wait for next years tour when more songs from the new album are performed.

  4. Nashville was a great show. Consumate professionals. Geddy was strong. Alex busted a string, missed beginning of a solo, but eventually rocked through it. Hoping for another tour. And another. And another...

  5. Well put Rich... & others! I do suppose everyone has their own level of passion & assertiveness when it comes to what they truly love and enjoy and making it all happen. Myself....I would most likely travel to China to see them play a re-mix of chopstix ;-)

  6. This is Jessica Craigs 12year old daughter. I saw Rush in concert last year and ive got to tell you that going to the concert was one of the most awesome experiences ive ever had. Honestly i wish my dad would bring me to the show with him in Chicago tomorrow. Even if they're playing the same songs i know it still would be great.

  7. I'm tired of reading newspaper critics saying there was'nt alot of women at the show and not alot of women at the washroom line up...
    I was there last night in Montreal with my girlfriend. At one point she said:
    -"it's true, it's mostly a man thing with this band"
    -It's true, I reply. But you saw Bon Jovi last month in here. What would you say about the crowd at that show?
    - The complete opposite. Women screaming and going crazy
    - Not a big line up at the washroom for men either?
    -No, in fact, women ended up in the mes's washroom to avoid the women's washroom line up!

    Now don't they mention this in the papers following a Bon Jovi concert... Why is it so relevent when it comes to Rush..?