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"Trailer Park Boys 2: Countdown To Liquor Day" Now On DVD

Trailer Park Boys 2: Countdown To Liquor Day, the second Canadian comedy film featuring the bad boys from the trailer park, is now available on DVD. The film includes yet another cameo by Alex Lifeson, this time in the role of a cross-dressing undercover policeman:
"Of course, there's the de rigueur appearance by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, here playing a drunken, undercover cop posing as a transvestite in a gay-prostitute alley (centered around a Chip Wagon that serves alcohol -- man, Halifax is one weird town). The character may indeed be the same cop Lifeson played in the previous Trailer Park Boys movie, showing his true colours." - Edmonton Sun, September 25, 2009 - Thanks to

"R30" Complete Edition BluRay

The R30 Complete Edition Blu-Ray is released today, including Rush's complete concert from Frankfurt, Germany, on September 24, 2004. Unlike the DVD release which omitted Bravado, YYZ, The Trees, One Little Victory, Secret Touch, Red Sector A, La Villa Strangiato and By-Tor and the Snow Dog, those tracks have been restored to their original running order for this high definition release:
"Some of the songs were dropped from R30 due to technical reasons but also we didn't want to have too many similarities with Rush In Rio. Why not? Well, I think now that it was a dumb decision of ours. In fact I regret not having put the whole show on those disks. But I promise you, all those songs that were cut will eventually see the light of day, in some shape or form." - Geddy Lee, Aardschok Magazine, March 2006
Unfortunately, unlike the DVD release which includes a bonus disk containing over 1:30 minutes of interviews and bonus features, the Blu-Ray version contains the concert feature only. Click here for more information.

Neil Peart & John Good discuss The Finer Points Of DW's Shell Technology - Video Online

Early last month, the latest issue of Drum Workshop's "The Edge" magazine was published including a new article titled "Neil Peart & John Good discuss The Finer Points Of DW's Shell Technology" (see pages 14&15 here). Now, two 10 minute videos of their conversation are available on Drum Workshop's Youtube Channel. Check them out here and here. - Thanks to Mark Rosenthal for the headsup!