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Andy VanDette Comments On Mix Of Latest "Vapor Trails" Digital Release

On May 14th iTunes released two new digital only Rush collections, Rush The Complete Mercury Years, the complete Rush album collection from 1974-1987, as well as Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007.  The collections are also available on HDTracks.

Upon hearing of the new digital release of Vapor Trails, and reading some of the reviews, I contacted Andy VanDette to ask the big question: is this the long awaited Vapor Trails remaster of the original master tapes, or just a remix?:
These are the original mixes, but with a much different treatment. For what it is worth........A typical album takes me about 8 hours to master. I spent 4 days on VT, trying to find a way to emphasize the positive, and downplay the negative, with a "car test" every morning on my way in to the studio. I knew this album in particular would receive tremendous scrutiny.  Being a musician, growing up on the other side of Niagara Falls from the band, Rush had a huge influence on me. I hope I have done their catalog justice.

Check it out. I hope you will agree that VT sounds much less 'overblown'. I tried to design it to be more open and dynamic.

I hope you enjoy it.

Andy VanDette
Chief Mastering Engineer
Masterdisk NYC

"Interview with Rush singer/bassist Geddy Lee" - The List UK

Another interview published today by the UK's The List, "Interview with Rush singer/bassist Geddy Lee", Geddy talks about the new album and tour, and also names his favorite Rush albums: 'Probably Moving Pictures, 2112, Power Windows and Clockwork Angels, but not necessarily in that order. To me, they are the most satisfying records that we've made.' [as an aside, over the years, Geddy regularly gives that same list of albums, where the fourth album is their current release!]

"Rush Remember Glasgow" - Glasgow Evening Times

"Rush Remember Glasgow" is a new interview with Geddy Lee from today's Glasgow Evening Times, where Geddy recalls "I remember the first time we played the Apollo I was shocked by how ardent the fan base was, and at what good voices they had," he chuckles, ahead of bringing the band to the SECC tomorrow.  "I remember we played Closer To The Heart there, and Glasgow was the first audience that sang along with us so loudly that we could hear them over the roar of our amplifiers." [later immortalised on the band's 1981 live album Exit- Stage Left]. 

"The Real Reason Rush Are Still Rocking 40 Years On" - Herald Scotland

In anticipation of Rush's concert in Glasgow on Thursday, today's Herald Scotland includes an interview with Geddy Lee dubbed The Real Reason Rush Are Still Rocking 40 Years On.  Geddy talks about the unique yet polarizing nature of Rush's music, their recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the album Clockwork Angels.

Auction: Autographed ATWAS Drumhead to Benefit Oklahoma Tornado Victims

One of the original Chromey heads used during the All The World's A Stage tour and later autographed by Neil Neil Peart is up for charity auction on Ebay.   The auction runs through June 6th.  The proceeds are going to the Red Cross for relief efforts for the Oklahoma tornado victims:
Up for auction we have a very rare and historical piece of music memorabilia for any Rush fan or collector. An original 16" blue hydraulic drum head that was mounted on Neil Peart’s first drum kit with Rush (1974 chrome Slingerland). This head was used during "All the Worlds a Stage" tour and was later signed by Neil Peart himself on 9/26/2010.

All proceeds from this auction will support the American Red Cross towards the relief efforts of the violent EF5 tornado that struck Oklahoma on 5/20/2013, destroying neighborhoods and leaving a path of destruction 17 miles long which may have created $2 billion or more in damage as it tore through as many as 13,000 homes, multiple schools and a hospital. This has been a major disaster, and the Red Cross will be there for the people in this state and this community, which helps provide food, shelter and emotional support to those affected by disasters like the recent tornado in Oklahoma as well as other disasters throughout the United States.
- Thanks to Dean Bobisud for the headsup!

Neil Peart's "News Weather and Sports" - May 2013

Neil Peart has just updated his website with "The Sweet Science" the latest edition of News, Weather & Sports.  Neil gives his thoughts and observations on the latest motorcycle adventures of this second leg of the tour, as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.  Check it out now.

Auction: Autographed Drumhead to Benefit DrumStong

DrumsForCures Inc. is auctioning off an 8" drum head that was mounted on Neil Peart’s first drum kit with Rush (1974 chrome Slingerland) signed by Neil Peart and 19 other legendary drummers. All proceeds benefit DrumsForCures, a non-profit charity organization that produces DRUMSTRONG events to raise awareness and funds for cancer survivorship, education and research globally that support people with cancer and those who love them.   The auction runs until Sunday at 5 pm PDT.  For more info go here- Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!

"Rush Have No Intention Of Slowing Down" - Birmingham Post

In advance of Sunday night's show, today's Birmingham Post published a new interview with Geddy Lee titled "Rush Have No Intention Of Slowing Down", where he discusses celebrating his wife Nancy's birthday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and also again alludes to an R40 tour:
"After a nice long break we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do, but right now we have not talked about it and we have zero intention of talking about it." That includes discussion of a 40th anniversary ‘R40’ tour next year, an idea the band’s management is determined to push through. "They’re trying but they’re going to fail," says Lee. "And there’s nothing wrong with an ‘R42’ tour – it doesn’t have to be a round number."

Win Front Row Rush Tickets, Backstage Passes, & Custom Bass Guitar from New York's Q104.3

New York's Q104.3 is holding a contest for fans living in the NY tri-state area:
We’re giving away front-row tickets to see the guys when they come to Jones Beach on June 23rd, plus you’ll get to go backstage and meet them & get a custom Geddy Lee Clockwork Angel’s bass guitar. To enter you just have to tell us in 140 characters or less why you’re Rush’s Biggest Fan and we’ll give you a custom URL to get your friends and family to vote for you for the chance to win.

All the details and where you can enter is @
Thanks to Alexis Greenan for the headsup!

"What A Rush...Rocco's Universal Dream" -

Yesterday CNN posted the story "What A Rush...Rocco's Universal Dream" which tells of Alex's Lifeson's 21 year friendship with pro golfer Rocco Mediate:
In 1992, Rocco Mediate was preparing to play in the 74th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club, when he learned that his favorite band, RUSH, would be in town at the same time. So, Mediate sent an invitation to the members of RUSH to join him for a round of golf at Bellerive. Guitarist Alex Lifeson accepted the offer, and the two played a round of golf close to the time of the PGA Championship. It was one of the first rounds of golf that Lifeson—who was inducted along with fellow band mates Geddy Lee and Neil Peart into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame last month—ever played.

The golf bug struck a sweet chord with Lifeson. Since then, Mediate and Lifeson went on to appear together in the first-ever episode of “Playing Lessons from the Pros” on Golf Channel. While on tour with RUSH, Lifeson is known to play golf regularly and reportedly has a handicap in the single digits. In 2006, Lifeson became a co-owner of the Tom Fazio-designed Coppinwood Golf Course near Toronto. When Mediate played the Canadian Open in 2010, he sported a RUSH hat during a round and was also seen wearing Coppinwood apparel.

Mediate makes his debut in the Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid, this week at Bellerive.

Despite his low handicap, Lifeson characteristically uses self-deprecating humor to describe his golf game, even to this day. "I remember how thoughtful and considerate Rocco was," said Lifeson. "He spent a great deal of time with me, a truly novice golfer, on the range hitting a million 7 irons. The thing is, he still spends time with me on the range, so either he's a dear friend or I'm a pretty lousy golfer...or maybe both! This photo is of that day."

Looks like a match made in “Rocco Roll Heaven!”
Thanks to Michael Abramowitz for the headsup!

Alex Lifeson on Planet Rock

Planet Rock has just posted a five minute video where he answers fan questions, and in addition, an unedited audio interview of Alex's chat with Darren Redick which includes a full explanation of his Hall of Fame speech!  Click here for more

Geddy Lee on the BBC WM "The Paul Franks Show"

Today Geddy Lee appeared on the Paul Franks Show on the BBC WM.   You can hear the interview during today's (May 21st) broadcast here beginning at the 1 hour and 47 minute mark.  Topics of discussion include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Clockwork Angels tour, the stage setup, throwing out the first pitch on opening day, life at home and the upcoming show at the LG Arena. - Thanks to Phil Wain for the headsup!

Rush Co-Founder John Rutsey Excluded from Rock Hall Induction - Alex Explains Why

UPDATE: In the second part of "In Conversation: Chad Smith With Alex Lifeson", Alex discusses John Rutsey and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction:
Lifeson: Yeah, I think if John was still around, I think an invitation would have gone to him, for sure. He's not, and it's nothing really to do with his family or anything. We did have another guitar player in the band.
Smith: When?
Lifeson: '71?
Smith: What?!
Lifeson: Yeah, Mitch Bossi.
Smith: Mitch Bossi?
Lifeson: Yeah, he was in the band for …
Smith: The Mitch Bossi?
Lifeson: [Laughs] Yes – the teacher. He was in the band for, I don't know... I think it was three or four months. We were playing clubs and high school dances and stuff like that.
Smith: Was this in your movie? I don't remember that.
Lifeson: I think. Yeah, Mitch was mentioned in it. There were some photos with the four of us. He was a friend of John's. Mitch was not that great of a guitar player.
Smith: You're being nice.
Lifeson: He was OK, but not that great.
Smith: He could play.
Lifeson: He could play.
Smith: Chords.
Lifeson: John really wanted to go to more of a Bad Company kind of, Small Faces, er, Faces sort of thing. That's the kind of music that he was really into.
Smith: Bluesy?
Lifeson: Yeah, the English bluesy kind of thing.
Smith: He had more of that vibe?
Lifeson: We went for a while, for a few months. I remember we were at a rehearsal, and we told Mitch that it wasn't really working out. [Smith laughs] He picked up his stuff, and he left.
Smith: Spinal Tap. Was John part of that decision as well?
Lifeson: Yeah, John actually made that decision. I remember him saying, "This isn't working out. I'll talk to Mitch." It was at a rehearsal. We were all there. I guess John did the talking.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website has been updated to include their new inductees, including Rush.  Unfortunately, co-founder John Rustey, who left the band due to health concerns in 1974 then replaced by Neil Peart, has apparently been excluded from the list of inductees:
"Inductees: Gary Lee Weinrib aka Geddy Lee (vocals, bass; born July 29, 1953), Neil Peart (drums; born September 12, 1952), Alex Zivojinovich aka Alex Lifeson (guitar; born August 27, 1953)" - (thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!)

2013 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony On HBO

As was previously announced, the 2013 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be air Saturday, May 18th on HBO.  According to the press release, HBO Signature will present a 24-hour marathon of the HBO special beginning at midnight the same day the special debuts on HBO, and concluding May 19 at midnight.  Other HBO playdates: May 24 (5:00 p.m., 12:15 a.m.), 26 (4:10 p.m.), 28 (9:45 p.m., 4:05 a.m.) and 31 (12:30 p.m.), and June 1 (1:00 p.m.), 3 (1:45 p.m.) and 5 (2:20 a.m.)  HBO2 playdates: May 20 (9:30 a.m., 10:00 p.m.), 22 (12:10 a.m.) and 30 (10:55 a.m., 10:00 p.m.), and June 9 (7:30 a.m.) and 18 (5:30 p.m.).

Related News

HD Tracks of New Rush Masters Now Available/New Atlantic-era Remasters Coming In Physical Formats

Yesterday iTunes released two new Rush collections, "mastered for iTunes".  Those same collections were also released on HD Tracks: the Mercury era are offered in the same Sectors collections released on CD in 2011, while the Atlantic era is offered by the same name as the iTunes collection "The Studio Albums 1989-2007".

We have now learned that these are new remasters by Andy VanDette. To be clear, the Mercury catalog was remastered by VanDette in 2011 for the Sectors boxed sets. VanDette has now completed the rest of the Rush catalog, according to yesterday's announcement by Masterdisk:
Rush fans rejoice! Andy VanDette's highly-acclaimed remastering work for Rush continues! Andy recently completed the series of albums from 1989's "Presto" to 2007's "Snakes and Arrows." The new remasters will first see release at the Mastered for iTunes store, then HD Tracks, and later in physical formats.
Accordingly, it appears we can expect the Atlantic era to be released in physical formats soon. - Thanks to David Pressman and Steve Thorpe for the headsup!

iTunes Only Rush Album Collections Now Available

On May 14th iTunes has offering up two new digital only Rush collections, hot on the heels of the band's recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction.

Rush The Complete Mercury Years is the complete Mercury catalog released by the current Mercury label holder Island Def Jam Music Group for $79.99, and includes the new 2112 Deluxe Edition as well as the "Working Man" 'vault edition' from 2008. 

Not to be outdone, Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007, will contain the entire Atlantic Rush studio catalog released by Rhino Entertainment for $49.99. 

These are both digital only releases, mastered for iTunes.

"FOH Engineer Brad Madix Uses Radial PZ-DI On Tour with Rush" - MixOnline

MixOnline recently posted a short interview where he discusses the technical challenges which had to be overcome to properly mic the string section on stage during the current Rush tour.  Click here for more. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2013

Last night, May 2nd, the fifth annual Revolver Golden Gods hard rock and heavy metal award show was held at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles.  All members of Rush were nominated for awards in their respective instrument categories, but this year the awards went to bassist Corey Taylor of Stone Sour & Slipknot, guitarist went to John 5 of Rob Zombie best drummer went to Arejay Hale of Halestorm.  Metallica performed live, and also nominated was ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newstead who talked about his influences, including Geddy Lee, in this interview with Artistan News (beginning at the 1:30 mark).