a tribute to rush

A Tribute To Rush

The progressive rock trio RUSH released their first album in 1974. Shortly thereafter, Alex Lifeson (guitars) and Geddy Lee (bass, vocals and keyboards) were joined by Neil Peart (percussion, lyricist). After over 40 years together the band has released a total of 20 studio albums, 11 live albums as well as numerous compilation albums, of which 24 have gone gold, and 14 platinum.

Here you will find current news, a complete discography with lyrics, a videography, listings of RUSH members' solo projects and guest appearances, as well as the most extensive RUSH tour archive to be found online or in print. Other resources include a wide-ranging listing of RUSH related literature, cover songs and albums, tributes, a pop culture section and more. Along with the information archive, this site includes a slew of RUSH offerings including album art wallpaper for your PC and Smartphone, and Windows users can utilize Themes inspired by the album art and music of RUSH.

Rush News

Andy VanDette Comments On Mix Of Latest "Vapor Trails" Digital Release

On May 14th iTunes released two new digital only Rush collections, Rush The Complete Mercury Years, the complete Rush album collection from 1974-1987, as well as Rush: The Studio Albums 1989-2007.  The collections are also available on HDTracks.

Upon hearing of the new digital release of Vapor Trails, and reading some of the reviews, I contacted Andy VanDette to ask the big question: is this the long awaited Vapor Trails remaster of the original master tapes, or just a remix?:
These are the original mixes, but with a much different treatment. For what it is worth........A typical album takes me about 8 hours to master. I spent 4 days on VT, trying to find a way to emphasize the positive, and downplay the negative, with a "car test" every morning on my way in to the studio. I knew this album in particular would receive tremendous scrutiny.  Being a musician, growing up on the other side of Niagara Falls from the band, Rush had a huge influence on me. I hope I have done their catalog justice.

Check it out. I hope you will agree that VT sounds much less 'overblown'. I tried to design it to be more open and dynamic.

I hope you enjoy it.

Andy VanDette
Chief Mastering Engineer
Masterdisk NYC

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  1. Any word on the quality of the remaster? The previews sound pretty nice.
    Would this be the definite article?