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"Rush Have No Intention Of Slowing Down" - Birmingham Post

In advance of Sunday night's show, today's Birmingham Post published a new interview with Geddy Lee titled "Rush Have No Intention Of Slowing Down", where he discusses celebrating his wife Nancy's birthday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and also again alludes to an R40 tour:
"After a nice long break we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do, but right now we have not talked about it and we have zero intention of talking about it." That includes discussion of a 40th anniversary ‘R40’ tour next year, an idea the band’s management is determined to push through. "They’re trying but they’re going to fail," says Lee. "And there’s nothing wrong with an ‘R42’ tour – it doesn’t have to be a round number."

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  1. r42 sounds better than r40. typical rush...dare to be different. would be so great if r42 setlist included B side tunes. like bastille day, lakeside park, kid gloves, losing it. to name a few. they could incorporate the string ensemble currently on this tour to so many old tunes. i am a big of old old school rush 1975-1980 and to highlight that era would be a dream. especially songs we never hear.