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"Ready Player Two" coming in November

Ready Player Two: A Novel by Ernest Cline, the sequel to the Rush fan favorite Ready Player One, is coming November 24th.  As the first novel included many Rush references including a major plotline centered around "2112", it is likely the sequel will similarly include some Rush.

Geddy Lee: My 10 Favorite Bassists -

The players that Lee chose for his list — from Sixties and Seventies rock gods like John Entwistle and John Paul Jones to Motown legend James Jamerson and jazz-rock virtuosos like Jaco Pastorius — all had a hand in making the bass that much cooler. They’re a diverse set of players, but Lee says that they all share a particular dual skill set.  From John Entwistle to Les Claypool, the prog-rock legend runs down his personal low-end pantheon, click here for more. - July 2, 2020