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Rush's "Moving Pictures" wins Polaris Heritage Prize

"The Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize honours Canadian albums of the past from four distinct time periods: 1960-75, 1976-85, 1986-95 and 1996-05. Like the Polaris Music Prize, winners and nominees for the Heritage Prize are albums of the highest artistic quality, without regards to sales or affiliations."

This year's winner in the "1976-1985" public vote is Moving Pictures.  For the complete list of winners visit - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Record Store Day, Black Friday Special: "12 Days of Christmas/Take Off" Vinyl Single

Record Store Day 2016 is coming November 25th, and this year one of the Black Friday Exclusives is a 7" vinyl single of of "12 Days of Christmas" with "Take Off" featuring Geddy Lee on the b-side.  Limited to 3,000 pressings, this is a red vinyl single of the Canadian holiday classic, celebrating its 35th anniversary. Both tracks are from Bob and Doug McKenzie's The Great White North.

- Thanks to Joe Pesch for the headsup!

Godsmack's Sully Erna on Neil Peart

In a recent interview with Roxy Radio, Godsmack's Sully Erna was asked what some of the highlights were of his twenty years as a touring musician:
"Well, certainly for my musician side of me, I think it's meeting some of the people that were my childhood heroes. Being able to meet Neil Peart a couple of times, that was, for me… I didn't need to meet anyone else after that. As much as I love the Steven Tylers and the Joe Perrys and the James Hetfields, Neil Peart… that guy changed my life as a musician. I quit school because of RUSH… Other than that, it was, like, really, that's all I did — I studied RUSH. I sat home and strapped on headphones and played 'Moving Pictures' and 'Exit… Stage Left' and 'Signals' and all these great albums." - For more visit
Godsmack's "Serenity" from their 2007 album Faceless was inspired by Neil Peart's Ghost Rider: Travels On The Healing Road.