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3 Inches Of Blood Covers "Anthem"

In February 3 Inches Of Blood, a Canadian heavy metal group from Vancouver, announced that they had recorded a cover of Rush's "Anthem".  The song will appear in the new film "Lloyd The Conqueror", which stars Mike Smith (Trailer Park Boys), which will  premiere September 24th as part of the Calgary International Film Festival.  In addition, directly following the premiere, 3 Inches of Blood will be performing at the official after party beginning at 9:00 PM at Dickens Pub; tickets can be purchased here: - Thanks to RushIsABand for the headsup!
"...Shane [Clark] reveals, they have recorded two new Clark-penned originals and a cover of Rush's 'Anthem'. 'For the last five years, I've had this compulsive Rush disorder,' he laughs, explaining that his Rush obsession began when he saw their documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage. 'When that documentary came out, it just kicked that into high gear. It's just such a great movie. You get to know the whole band a little bit better. Alex Lifeson is one of my favourite guitar players. The way he plays, no one else sounds like him. That's very influential for me.'" -, February 27, 2010

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