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Geddy Lee Interviewed For The Chop Shop's 9/11 Tribute

"Envision Radio Networks' The Chop Shop Guitar Show's 9/11 Tribute is now available for streaming here.  The show, which will also run on the show’s affiliate stations, features personal remembrances from a number of classic rock artists who found their lives forever altered by the events.

Host Steve Black is joined by Geddy Lee of Rush, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, guitarist Steve Vai, members of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and several others who share their stories, surrounded by the music that helped to bring everyone together as our country worked to move forward.

Geddy Lee recalls the moment when he learned about the attacks: "I was in Toronto and somebody found me and told me to turn on the television and of course I sat there for the next two hours just completely stunned and appalled by what I was watching."  He went on to say, "My reaction was much the same as any normal human being, I was sickened by it and it had a profound effect on the entire world I think and life has really not been the same since that day." -, September 10, 2011

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