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Alex Lifeson guest appearance on John Wesley's "Disconnect" - Now Available

Guitarist John Wesley, best known by many as touring guitarist for Porcupine Tree, announced back in February that Alex Lifeson has recorded a "mind-blowing" solo for the track "Once a Warrior" on his album Disconnect which was released UK today, March 31st, and in the U.S. on April 1st. You can order your copy here.
"7 years ago I was fortunate enough to meet and spend some time with one of my early guitar heroes, Alex Lifeson of RUSH. He's been a HUGE influence on my guitar playing throughout the years, and he's also one of the kindest human beings you'll ever meet. Now, 7 years later, he's performed a MIND-BLOWING guitar solo on my song, 'Once a Warrior.'  I'm so happy to have Alex on my new album, 'Disconnect,' and I can't wait for you to hear it!" - John Wesley, February 6, 2014 posted a video interview with John Wesley where he gave credit to Alex Lifeson as a large inspiration behind the "heavy guitar sound" emulated by Porcupine Tree, and also talked about how Alex came to record on his solo album.  You can tune in here, he first discusses Lifeson and Rush at the 8:55 mark, and again at the 16:50 mark.

HuffingtonPost has posted another new video interview with John Wesley where he expands on how Alex Lifeson became involved with Disconnect. You can check it out online here.

Vote "Working Man" for Cleveland Indians pitcher John Axford's entry song

Cleveland Indians pitcher John Axford has asked the fans to vote to choose the music he uses before entering games this season. Working Man is one of the choices, vote here!

UPDATE March 25th:  Working Man has made it to Round Two in the voting for Cleveland Indians' John Axford’s entrance song. Round two ends tomorrow with round three beginning on March 26th. Keep voting, currently “Working Man” is in the lead for round two at 28% of the vote.

UPDATE March 31st: "Working Man" is in the finals against the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage", and today is the final day to vote.  Vote now!

"Not Fade Away: Rush’s Simple, Straight-Ahead Debut Turns 40" -

Today posted a new article where they look back on Rush's debut album released 40 years ago this month.  Geddy Lee talks about the album, the inspiration behind "Working Man", and how the album was "saved" thanks to Terry Brown:
"The first version of our first record was really crappy, and that’s when we met the guy who really changed our lives, which was Terry Brown. And he became our producer for the next 10 years and taught us so much about making records.  He saved that album, when I think of that album, I think of him, I think of that first session, when we took those poorly recorded versions of those songs, and he decided what was salvageable and what we should just re-record."
Click here for the full story.

Rush 2015 Wall Calendar Now Available For Preorder

The 2015 Rush wall calendar is now available for preorder.  Tentatively scheduled for release July 28th, you can preorder your copy here.

"Rush Plotting 41st Anniversary Tour for 2015" - Rolling

It's finally official.  After previously squashing any plans for an R40 tour with comments that it wouldn't be until at least 2016 before the band tour again, Rush has finally announced that there are now plans in the works for a 2015 spring tour, or as Alex Lifeson put it "It's going to be a 41st anniversary tour, or whatever they're going to call it."

Today posted an interview with Alex where he explained:
"We haven't really talked seriously about what we want to do," says Lifeson. "But I think we're probably going to lean towards making it a real sort of fan event, and really try to put something together that's very pleasing for the fans across the board. That's always been difficult, for us to sort of balance things."
I would say that is great news indeed!

Neil Peart's "News Weather and Sports" - March 2014

Today Neil Peart updated his website with the latest edition of News, Weather & Sports titled "Not All Days Are Sundays".  Neil regales us of his latest winter adventures in Quebec, and shares his grief over the passing of his brother-in-law, Steven Taylor. 

Clockwork Angels graphic novel preview from Boom! Studios Comics

Yesterday Boom! Studios posted an extensive preview of the Clockwork Angels graphic novel.  Check it out here.

Rush comes in at #35 on Billboard's List of "The 40 Highest Earning Musicians in 2013"

On Monday Billboard posted their list of "The 40 Highest Earning Musicians in 2013", and coming in at #35 was Rush at $9,050,583.42.  Topping the list was pop star Taylor Swift $39,699,575.60 (yeah, a whopping $30.5 million more than Rush's total!). Thanks to the B-man for the headsup!

Alex Lifeson helping raise awareness for The Kidney Foundation of Canada

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has posted a new press release announcing the launching of a free Online Risk Assessment tool.  The PR reminds us that March is Kidney Health month, and that Alex Lifeson has been instrumental in raising awareness:
"Thanks to celebrity spokesperson Alex Lifeson's participation in a new public service announcement, we are able to help raise awareness of the risk factors for kidney disease. Canadians will also have a health information e-tool at their fingertips and a printed risk assessment they can share with their healthcare provider - crucial resources for their kidney health management."
Read more:

John Wesley discusses influence of Alex Lifeson on Porcupine Tree's "sound"

Yesterday posted a new interview with John Wesley.  During the interview, Wesley credits Alex Lifeson as a large inspiration behind the "heavy guitar sound" emulated by Porcupine Tree.  In addition, he talks about how Alex came to record on his solo album.  You can tune in here, he first discusses Lifeson and Rush at the 8:55 mark, and again at the 16:50 mark. - Thanks to Brad P for the headsup!

Clockwork Angels graphic novel update from Kevin J. Anderson

Last night author Kevin J. Anderson posted an update to his blog explaining the different cover versions available to you for the Clockwork Angels comic book series coming on March 19th:
"BOOM! Studios will release the first issue (of six) of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Graphic Novel, scripted by me and with art by Nick Robles in a few weeks. The comic will debut at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle on March 28, with a special exclusive cover for ECCC. There will be three variant covers in comic stores, an exclusive cover for the and BOOM! websites, and a limited cover for distribution with the Larry’s Comics chain.  All copies are about $4 retail."
The standard comic store cover series can be preordered for $29.99 for all six issues directly from Boom! Studios at this link. In addition, the exclusive limited cover set features key lyrics from Rush songs that are tied to the comic, as pictured in the cover attached to this post. These overs also feature character design concept art by artist Nick Robles, and can be preordered from Boom! Studios for $49.99 for all six issues at this alternate link.

American Idol Caleb Johnson Performs "Working Man"

UPDATE:  Check out Caleb's comments last night following his performance of "Working Man", where he reacts to Harry Connick Jr's comment and shares more of his love of Rush.

Last week on American Idol, performer Caleb Johnson informed us that his favorite band was Rush.  And tonight, Caleb performed "Working Man".  You can check out the performance below; to vote for Caleb, click here. - Thanks to Brad P for the headsup!

Caleb Johnson - Working Man - American Idol 13... by IdolxMuzic

Neil Peart featured in BMW Owners News March 2014 issue

Neil Peart is featured in the March issue of BMW Owners News, the official magazine of the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America.  The eight page feature Backroads & Backbeats: Neil Peart takes the Scenic Way to Work is an interview with Neil about his motorcycle trips while on tour with Rush. - Thanks to Ed at Rush Is A Band for the headsup!

RushCon 14 Coming To Toronto August 22-24, 2014

Today RushCon announced plans for this year's annual North American convention of Rush fans.  The 14th annual convention will take place in Rush’s hometown of Toronto, August 22nd - 24th, 2014. 
"We are very excited to announce that our 14th annual convention will take place in Rush’s hometown of Toronto, August 22nd - 24th, 2014.

"Enjoy 3 days of Rush-filled festivities, including games, prizes, trivia, a memorabilia charity auction, special guest speakers, a tribute band concert and much, much more. Full convention details will be announced later this spring, but we wanted to make sure folks saved the date!

"This is the year! Don’t be kicking yourself for missing yet another RushCon. From the friends you will make, to the music you will sing along with, RushCon 14 will be an unforgettable experience.

"You belong at RushCon 14."

Dan Burn's "No Turning Back" featuring cover by Hugh Syme

No Turning Back is a new collection of original short fiction by Dan Burns. This beautifully crafted hardcover edition includes story illustrations by Chicago artist Kelly Maryanski and an original cover design by world-renowned graphic artist Hugh Syme (best known for album covers for Rush). Additionally, the author accompanies each story with his personal notes regarding the thoughts and ideas that inspired him to write the story, adding a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of the writing process. 

The hardcover first edition will be published May 1st from Chicago Arts Press; click here to preorder directly from the author. - Thanks Dan for the headsup!

Rush And BOOM! Studios Think Big With Clockwork Angels’ Comic - Coming March 19th

In a new press release, today Boom! Studios confirmed the March release of the Clockwork Angels comic book series, as well as sharing the first three covers.
February 21,  2014 – Los Angeles, CA - Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce the March debut of CLOCKWORK ANGELS, a new limited series based on author Kevin J. Anderson’s New York Times bestselling novel and legendary rock band Rush’s concept album of the same name. Rush lyricist and drummer Neil Peart and Anderson, along with interior artist Nick Robles and cover artist Hugh Syme, create the steampunk world of Albion in comic book form for the first time.

“Rush is one of our all-time favorite rock bands here in the office, so we immediately jumped at the chance to work on CLOCKWORK ANGELS,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “The icing on the cake is that author Kevin J. Anderson is somebody we’ve always wanted to work with, so this is an all-around thrill. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Peart have brought us a breathtaking story that illustrator Nick Robles has beautifully visualized.”

WHY WE LOVE IT: Rush’s CLOCKWORK ANGELS is a testament to the band’s creative versatility—it has been successful as a concept album, novel, and international tour. Now, Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart and New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson are bringing the story of CLOCKWORK ANGELS to comics, where newcomer artist Nick Robles will bring the journey of Owen Hardy to visual life!

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Die-hard Rush fans have longed for Peart’s narrative songwriting to be adapted into comic book form for decades, but fans of steampunk fantasy will enjoy journeying into the world of Albion thanks to Anderson’s skilled storytelling.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Owen Hardy, like all the people of Albion, has lived his whole life under the rule of The Watchmaker. His entire life has been planned down to the exact second. But what happens when a young boy decides that things should not always goes as planned?

CLOCKWORK ANGELS #1 arrives in comic shops on March 19th, the four-year anniversary of the album’s initial announcement by the band members, with a cover price of $3.99 under Diamond order code JAN140981. The first issue will ship with two variant covers including a subscription cover and a retailer incentive. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use or to find one! It’s also available for order directly from

ECW Press will release the paperback version of Kevin J. Anderson’s bestselling CLOCKWORK ANGELS novel (ISBN: 978-1-77041-156-2, $14.95) in May.

"KISS Slam The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", mention John Rutsey snub - Classic Rock

Today Classic Rock posted an interview with KISS' Paul Stanley where he discusses their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In it, when discussing whether more that the original four members of KISS would be inducted, he points out the fact that worthy musicians including John Rutsey have been snubbed by the hall...
"It was interesting to me, or offensive to me, that when the question was broached with the hierarchy about inducting additional members it was shut down immediately as ‘a non starter,’ which to me is arrogant. People who sit behind desks need to respect the people who are actually either inductees or possible inductees into this so-called hallowed organization. So the fact that there are 30 or 40 or 50 or some absurd number of Grateful Dead members all inducted, the fact that all of the Chili Peppers, including people who played on early albums that never amounted to very much are not inducted, the fact that John Rutsey, the drummer on the first Rush album is not inducted, the fact that Rob Trujillo, who’s a great guy but didn’t play on any of the classic Metallica albums, was inducted after being in the band six years makes me wonder exactly what are the rules? If the rules don’t apply to everybody then they’re not rules.  Of course it goes without saying that Ace and Peter deserve this moment in the spotlight. We wouldn’t be here without them. We couldn’t have built what we did without them at the foundation. That being said, we couldn’t have built what we built without a lot of people who followed them. We couldn’t have been here without them and we couldn’t be here today with them. So absolutely, of course they deserve and belong up there." -, February 14, 2014
- Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Montréal Guitare Trio cover Tom Sawyer on "Der Prinz" - Coming February 18th

Coming February 18th, Canada's Montréal Guitare Trio will be releasing their latest album, "Der Prinz", which will include a fantastic acoustic cover of "Tom Sawyer". Although now available for preorder on iTunes for release on February 18th, the cd is currently scheduled for U.S. release on March 18.

You can see the trio perform the track live here.

"Live Sound Engineering Techniques: On Tour with Rush with Brent Carpenter" -

This past December 13th, the subscription based education website posted a 78 minute course video with Rush's Sound Engineer Brent Carpenter on tour with Rush on the Clockwork Angels tour.  From their website:
"Follow along with Brent Carpenter on tour with Rush, as he demonstrates what it is like to be a live sound engineer for a major rock show. We shadow Brent and the Rush sound crew as they prepare for the Denver, Colorado, show on their Clockwork Angels tour, where the band is set to perform for 12,000 fans. After the gear is loaded into the venue, Brent explains how he and the crew set up the rigging, amp racks, and fly the speaker arrays to make sure well-balanced stereo sound reaches every seat in the arena. He also shows how he sets up his console to mix the onstage sound for Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart and configures the in-ear monitor system and balance of audience mics for each member of the band. Then we get to sit backstage with Brent and watch what he does during line check, sound check, and the actual show. After the fans file out, see how all the equipment comes back down and is packed away so the cycle can start all over in the next city."
Topics include: Choosing the PA for the venue; Setting up points, motors and cables, and trusses; Getting the best use of both analog and digital signal paths; How Rush gets that Geddy, Alex, and Neil live sound; Setting up the digital monitor mix console; Doing the line check and sound check; Using audience microphones to connect the band to their fans; Getting even coverage in a large arena; Working the monitor console and the power of snapshots; Loading out of the venue.
    For a video introduction see below. - Thanks to Rand Stringer for the headsup!