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Alex Lifeson Produces 3 Door Down

In Spring 2000, Alex Lifeson produced three songs with Mississippi-based 3 Doors Down: "Dangerous Game," "Dead Love," and "Wasted Time". In addition, at least two of the three tracks may also include Lifeson on guitar (although some fan sites state that he played on all three tracks).  Of the three tracks, "Wasted Me" was made available on a special 2CD Australian release of Better Life, as well as a b-side to the "Kryptonite" import single, while "Dangerous Game was later released on Away From The Sun
"that was a pretty good experience. He's the coolest guy, he's awesome.... [The sessions] turned out really good. We were really happy with them. He did an excellent job producing it, and I'm sure they'll be used for something [in the future], because I think they turned out really well." - MTV, Mar. 30, 2000.
"We just recorded three songs with him. There's not anything set for what we're going to do with them just yet, but it was three songs: 'Dangerous Game,' 'Dead Love,' and 'Wasted Me.' And we got the chance to work with him and record those three songs down in New Orleans, at the American Sectors studio down there, and man, he was a super guy. You would never know where he's been or what he's done just from looking at him. And he's such a nice guy, as cool as they come. He's got no ego--and he deserves one, you know what I'm saying? We got to kind of know him a little bit and became friends, and invited him to our CD release party in Biloxi. And he actually got up onstage and jammed on a song with us. That was pretty fun. I can die now. He played 'Dangerous Game' with us that night. It was definitely an honor. I was tripping." - 3 Doors Down vocalist Brad Arnold, Yahoo Music, November 24, 2000
"And he actually did two guitar tracks on the B side. The coolest thing I ever really did, because I did an acoustic set with him and it was me on one side of the mike and him on the other playing the same thing at the same time, doubling it in one track. And that was like a pinnacle of idolizing him. It was a milestone in my life. - 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson,, October 25, 2001

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