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Neil's Red Tama Kit Sells On Ebay

In 1986, Neil Peart replaced his red Tama drumkit which had been used since the Moving Pictures tour.  At that time, he wrote:
"Early in 1986, I started to think that it was time for a new drumkit. My red Tamas had been through four or five serious tours, and had been used in the recording of Signals, Grace Under Pressure, and Power Windows. They still sounded and looked great, but were getting a little tired, and besides, every four or five years I just like a change - perhaps a different sound and look." - Neil Peart, Modern Drummer, May 1987
The drums were soon awarded in a Modern Drummer contest to Jack Hess, who sold them twelve years later on ebay for $26,100. In the last two years, the drums have appeared on ebay more than once, and May 2nd, 2003, they were sold again on ebay for $14,621.12. Today I received an email from the buyer who wrote:
"Thought u may like to know that I have recently purchased the drum kit via ebay for an undisclosed sum, it is currently being restored to full glory in florida, before being shipped to myself in UK, where eventually I will loan it to the Birmingham or Bristol Hard rock cafe for display.. Ian Coley" Ian, the entire Rush community thanks you! - June 5, 2003


  1. Has this kit surfaced since then? I've seen a few shells and Simmons pads on Ebay recently claiming to be part of this kit. But haven't heard anything really about it since the website ( was put up AGES ago. It hasn't been updated in what seems like a decade.

  2. Chris, I haven't heard any news of this kit since then either.

  3. Bummer, I was looking forward to see it fully restored. It's also a shame if someone split it up and pieced it out.

  4. I'd love to see this kit again. The original website hasnt been updated in forever and its damn near impossible to sign up for Drumsunderpressure to see it.