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Hughes & Kettner Introduces Alex Lifeson Signature TriAmp

"For decades, the powerhouse trio Rush has been the standard bearer of progressive rock. And the legendary threesome's virtuoso axe-man Alex Lifeson, with his jawdropping arsenal of distinctive sounds, is the driving force behind Rush's eclectic blend of genre-defying classic rock with a cutting-edge attitude. Hughes & Kettner zenTeras and TriAmps have been Alex's first-choice amps for years. Now he has tricked out a TriAmp to design the amp of his dreams. Opting for his fave tolex and groovy purple backlighting to illuminate the plexi front panel, he kitted out a new line of amps featuring precisely the specs of the TriAmps he played on Rush's world tour. Every Alex Lifeson Signature Amp ships with the Rush Tour book, an original Alex Lifeson pick, a special release Rush CD, and a certificate signed by Alex. Alex is known for his commitment to children's health, well-being and education, particularly of impoverished kids in the third world. To support this cause, UNICEF will receive a donation in the amount of $50 for every Alex Lifeson Signature TriAmp sold. The Alex Lifeson Signature Amp hits US stores in April 2005. Manufacturer's suggested RP is $2,799. For more information, visit their web site at" -, January 23, 2005
"We have developed a Triamp signature model for Alex, and he has asked that all proceeds due to him for this amp should be given to Unicef. So, we will donate 50 Euros from the sale of each Alex Lifeson Signature Triamp to Unicef on his behalf. Thank you Alex." -

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