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Alex Lifeson on Edwin's "Better Days" and Jakalope's "Born 4"

Alex Lifeson makes guest appearances on two albums released today (three counting the Trailer Park Boys soundtrack); he lends his guitar on the track "Star 24 (No Apologies) on Canadian band Jakalope's second album Born 4, as is found on "several" tracks on Edwin's third solo album Better Days. Visit Edwin's homepage to hear "Never Over" with Lifeson on guitar. - October 3rd, 2006
"Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson is on several tracks, including "Never Over" which should be a single...Edwin and Lifeson go back 10 years. The Rush guitarist invited Edwin to sing on his 1996 solo project, Victor, and that same year played on "Like A Girl" from I Mother Earth's second album, Scenery And Fish. 'He's only done me favors. I don't think I've done him any,' Edwin laughs. 'He was kind enough to let us work at his studio for a week and let us use everything we wanted - his guitars, his amps, whatever we wanted. He was great about it and he also did us the favor of coming in and doing some cameo guitar playing on a few songs. We ran the songs and he played what he felt, so we used his guitar stylings throughout the record.'" - Jam! Showbiz, May 10, 2006
"With Dave Rave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie) once again at the helm of the project, Jakalope returned to the scene of the crime, recording Born4 at Vancouvers famed Warehouse Studio. NIN god Trent Reznor signed on as co-producer without question. Ogilvie and Phil Caivano (Blitzspeer, Monster Magnet) locked themselves away to create the music, coming together with Katie B for the lyrics and melodies...'Star 24 (No Apologies)' features Alex Lifeson of Rush." - Jakalope, June 2006

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