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Dream Theater discuss Rush Influence on their latest, "The Looking Glass"

Prog-metal group Dream Theater's recent self titled album was released back in September and is available on both CD and iTunes. Music Radar interviewed guitarist John Petrucci where he discussed the Rush influence on the album's track "The Looking Glass":
"The song is definitely a tip of the hat to RUSH. We're such fans - they've been a huge influence on us, and we continue to admire and look up to them. One of the great things about them is how they write really uplifting songs with positive messages, but they always sound cool. It's really interesting. 'The Spirit Of Radio', 'Limelight' - those are big, big songs with big arena-rock riffs in a major key. Even 'Free Will' has that. The songs aren't dark, but they're tough. It's really hard to write something that can cut both ways like that, but that was my goal. 'The Looking Glass' has a few different stylistic changes: There's the RUSH arena-rock major riff, but the verses are tricky as far as time signatures, and the style is a little darker. The pre-choruses are very pretty and flowing - they're in half-time - and the choruses open up and get really hooky. From verse to pre-chorus to chorus to riff, you've got a lot of musical styles, and that helps to keep things interesting."
Click here for more, including the new video for "The Looking Glass". - Thanks to Frank Ray for the headsup!

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