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Official Rush Lighters In 2014 Zippo Lighter catalog

The 2014 Zippo lighter catalog includes two official Rush lighters found on page 71 with a retail price of $30.95 each.  One lighter has the album cover from Vapor Trails, the other was a group shot of the band from the Hemispheres era.

Unfortunately, the lighters are unavailable!  According to Zippo's headquarters in Bradford Pennsylvania, the licensing agreement fell through before going into production but after the catalog had gone to print. - Thanks to Tod O'Donnell for the headsup!


  1. I dont smoke but I would buy one.. as I say put RUSH on it and I will buy...

  2. So....
    I just won an auction on eBay for this item. Anyone know if I'm getting scammed or could this be a sample from the Zippo factory? Zippo does produce samples of any in-house printing. I had Zippos special ordered for some friend who self publish a comic book.

  3. I saw a seller on eBay that had two of each. I bought one of each. I thought about it, for about a minute and a half, and went back to snap up the other ones. Someone had beat me to them. Man am I kicking myself now. I only aid $50 for the pair!!