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Outer Limits: Rupert Hine - Prog

Last week Prog magazine posted a new interview with Rupert Hine where he looks back on his career.  Hine produced Rush's Presto and Roll the Bones albums, and in the interview, tells about how his work with The Fixx, led to his gig with Rush:
He is especially proud of his work with The Fixx, the British band who became prophets without honour in their own land, yet enjoyed huge success in the States with their Hine‑enhanced attack.  “I came up with an entirely new guitar sound,” he asserts, marking the transition from the traditional “big, heavy, dumpy, lumpy rock guitar sound” to something “far more shiny but no less exciting”. It was a sound mimicked by countless acts. “It had a huge appeal to rock bands,” he marvels. Rush, for example. “Doing The Fixx led to Rush [1989’s Presto and 1991’s Roll The Bones] – they required constant sonic refreshment and they loved The Fixx. Neil Peart also loved the thinking behind my early 80s solo albums and thought that would be good for Rush.”
You can check out the full interview here. - Thanks to RushFanForever the for the headsup!

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