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Geddy Lee talks to the Dan Patrick Show

UPDATE 10/23: The current issue of Sports Illustrated includes a portion of Dan Patrick's interview with Geddy Lee in his "Just My Type" column. 

This morning Geddy Lee appeared on The Dan Patrick show.  Besides talking about the Toronto Blue Jays (especially last night's seventh inning) and their advancing to the ALCS for the first time since 1993, Dan asked Geddy about his baseball memorabilia, singing the Canadian National Anthem at the '93 All Star Game, etc.  When Dan asked what Rush's future plans are, and Geddy confirmed "It's going to be hard to get us back on the road at this point...There's no plans to tour." You can hear the complete interview below.
Rush lead singer Geddy Lee joined the show to talk about being in the stands last night for the Blue Jays’ dramatic win over the Rangers. Lee actually said things got scary for a little while in that crazy seventh inning. But he discussed his passion for the team and baseball.

Speaking of diehard fans, Paul Pabst jumped in with some hard-hitting questions … like “do you ever get tired of kicking ass?” -

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