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Rush's Power Windows a window into record-store owner’s past - TheStar

Today the Toronto Star published "Rush's Power Windows a window into record-store owner’s past", an interview with Neil Cunningham who is pictured on the cover of Power Windows, was featured in the Big Money video. 
Originally, Cunningham became involved with the project by happenstance. His friend Marcus Pearson was working for photographer Dimo Safari, who was crafting the cover for Rush’s upcoming record — a transitional, pop-leaning album awash in chilled synths — and was seeking a “skinny blond” punk for the cover. Cunningham happened to be skinny and blond (“still am”) and leapt at the opportunity. “Dimo had been working with Madonna, so I was all excited at the idea I could be on a Madonna cover,” he recalled. “When he said Rush, I was like, ‘yeah, oh, all right. Not bad either.’” The shoot was conducted over two arduous nights in Cabbagetown, with the March wind snapping through the open window. Once captured, the photo was painted over by Hugh Syme.
Check out the full interview here.

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