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Toronto's Trio of Capybara Pups Could Be Named After Rush

Rush's reverence in their home city of Toronto cannot be understated: the power trio have recently been awarded the Key to the City and have a city park named after members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Now, the group have a chance to be further immortalized in having a trio of capybara cubs named in their honour.

An online vote opened by Friends of the High Park Zoo lists "Alex, Geddy, Neil" as a combination of names for the cubs, who were born earlier this year. The poll says that "submissions from the public ranged from local landmarks to popular trios and adorable nicknames."

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  1. Voted. Currently in 2nd place, over 1000 votes behind Snap/Crackle/Pop. At least they are over 1000 votes ahead of #3, Mocha/Chino/Latte.

  2. Its official now...