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Alex Lifeson presents SOCAN Cultural Impact Award to Tom Cochrane for "Life Is A Highway"

On Monday, October 17th, Alex Lifeson was on hand at the 33rd annual SOCAN Awards to present fellow Canadian musician Tom Cochrane with the Cultural Impact Award for his 1991 song "Life Is A Highway".  Alex also joined Cochrane along with Bill Bell, Dala, Davide Direnzo, Molly Johnson, Jeff Jones (member of Tom Cochrane's band, and also a previous member of Rush), Sam Roberts and Julian Taylor to perform the song.

"I played with him on occasion and performed 'Life Is a Highway,' as well," ... "I am a friend, a collaborator, and like many, many others of his millions of fans around the world, I am a huge admirer of his work. Neruda is one of my all-time favorite records," Lifeson threw in of the 1983 album by Cochrane's original band Red Rider. "Tom is an amazing artist and songwriter, and with 'Life Is a Highway,' he created the perfect analogy of what we all go through. It is a magical blend of music and lyrics with an infectious chorus that sticks with you, and a theme that is inspiring and uplifting. It truly captures our journeys down the highway of life, the high roads, the detours, the dead ends, the U-turns, and especially the fear of running outta gas, the challenges that we all face in order to reach our destinations." Lifeson said the song's "joyous melody" is a hopeful reminder that no matter how many roadblocks life presents, "we will always find a way around them," adding, "It is the perfect message, especially over the past few years and what we've all experienced." -

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