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Rush Reference On Fringe (April 20th)

There was a Rush sighting on last Friday night's episode of Fringe.  During the episode "Letters In Transit" (season 4, episode 19), guest star Henry Ian Cusick uses the password "092112#" written on a piece of paper to get into the "old" (alternate universe's) Massive Dynamic building. - Thanks to Bill Oross for the headsup!

This is the second Rush reference on the popular Fox television program.  Two years ago, during the episode "The Man from the Other Side" (season 2, episode 19), "Tom Sawyer" was heard on a car radio in opening scene.

Rush On Supernatural (Again!)

Rush was referenced on the WB television series Supernatural yet again.  Seven minutes into the season six finale, "The Man Who Knew Too Much", an amnesiac Sam finds various ID cards identifying him as Jimmy Page, Neil Peart (pronounced "Pert"), and Angus Young.  The episode is available on the Supernatural website. - Thanks to Randy Stringer for the headsup!

This is the fifth time Rush has been referenced on the show.  In previous episodes, "Fly By Night" and "Working Man" were heard, in another episode the Winchester brothers refer to themselves as Agent's Geddy and Lee, and in a fouth episode the brothers went undercover in a mental institution using the names Alex and Geddy.  Click here for details.