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RushCon 14 Coming To Toronto August 22-24, 2014

Today RushCon announced plans for this year's annual North American convention of Rush fans.  The 14th annual convention will take place in Rush’s hometown of Toronto, August 22nd - 24th, 2014. 
"We are very excited to announce that our 14th annual convention will take place in Rush’s hometown of Toronto, August 22nd - 24th, 2014.

"Enjoy 3 days of Rush-filled festivities, including games, prizes, trivia, a memorabilia charity auction, special guest speakers, a tribute band concert and much, much more. Full convention details will be announced later this spring, but we wanted to make sure folks saved the date!

"This is the year! Don’t be kicking yourself for missing yet another RushCon. From the friends you will make, to the music you will sing along with, RushCon 14 will be an unforgettable experience.

"You belong at RushCon 14."

Dan Burn's "No Turning Back" featuring cover by Hugh Syme

No Turning Back is a new collection of original short fiction by Dan Burns. This beautifully crafted hardcover edition includes story illustrations by Chicago artist Kelly Maryanski and an original cover design by world-renowned graphic artist Hugh Syme (best known for album covers for Rush). Additionally, the author accompanies each story with his personal notes regarding the thoughts and ideas that inspired him to write the story, adding a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of the writing process. 

The hardcover first edition will be published May 1st from Chicago Arts Press; click here to preorder directly from the author. - Thanks Dan for the headsup!

Rush And BOOM! Studios Think Big With Clockwork Angels’ Comic - Coming March 19th

In a new press release, today Boom! Studios confirmed the March release of the Clockwork Angels comic book series, as well as sharing the first three covers.
February 21,  2014 – Los Angeles, CA - Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce the March debut of CLOCKWORK ANGELS, a new limited series based on author Kevin J. Anderson’s New York Times bestselling novel and legendary rock band Rush’s concept album of the same name. Rush lyricist and drummer Neil Peart and Anderson, along with interior artist Nick Robles and cover artist Hugh Syme, create the steampunk world of Albion in comic book form for the first time.

“Rush is one of our all-time favorite rock bands here in the office, so we immediately jumped at the chance to work on CLOCKWORK ANGELS,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “The icing on the cake is that author Kevin J. Anderson is somebody we’ve always wanted to work with, so this is an all-around thrill. Mr. Anderson and Mr. Peart have brought us a breathtaking story that illustrator Nick Robles has beautifully visualized.”

WHY WE LOVE IT: Rush’s CLOCKWORK ANGELS is a testament to the band’s creative versatility—it has been successful as a concept album, novel, and international tour. Now, Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart and New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson are bringing the story of CLOCKWORK ANGELS to comics, where newcomer artist Nick Robles will bring the journey of Owen Hardy to visual life!

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Die-hard Rush fans have longed for Peart’s narrative songwriting to be adapted into comic book form for decades, but fans of steampunk fantasy will enjoy journeying into the world of Albion thanks to Anderson’s skilled storytelling.

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Owen Hardy, like all the people of Albion, has lived his whole life under the rule of The Watchmaker. His entire life has been planned down to the exact second. But what happens when a young boy decides that things should not always goes as planned?

CLOCKWORK ANGELS #1 arrives in comic shops on March 19th, the four-year anniversary of the album’s initial announcement by the band members, with a cover price of $3.99 under Diamond order code JAN140981. The first issue will ship with two variant covers including a subscription cover and a retailer incentive. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use or to find one! It’s also available for order directly from

ECW Press will release the paperback version of Kevin J. Anderson’s bestselling CLOCKWORK ANGELS novel (ISBN: 978-1-77041-156-2, $14.95) in May.

"KISS Slam The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", mention John Rutsey snub - Classic Rock

Today Classic Rock posted an interview with KISS' Paul Stanley where he discusses their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In it, when discussing whether more that the original four members of KISS would be inducted, he points out the fact that worthy musicians including John Rutsey have been snubbed by the hall...
"It was interesting to me, or offensive to me, that when the question was broached with the hierarchy about inducting additional members it was shut down immediately as ‘a non starter,’ which to me is arrogant. People who sit behind desks need to respect the people who are actually either inductees or possible inductees into this so-called hallowed organization. So the fact that there are 30 or 40 or 50 or some absurd number of Grateful Dead members all inducted, the fact that all of the Chili Peppers, including people who played on early albums that never amounted to very much are not inducted, the fact that John Rutsey, the drummer on the first Rush album is not inducted, the fact that Rob Trujillo, who’s a great guy but didn’t play on any of the classic Metallica albums, was inducted after being in the band six years makes me wonder exactly what are the rules? If the rules don’t apply to everybody then they’re not rules.  Of course it goes without saying that Ace and Peter deserve this moment in the spotlight. We wouldn’t be here without them. We couldn’t have built what we did without them at the foundation. That being said, we couldn’t have built what we built without a lot of people who followed them. We couldn’t have been here without them and we couldn’t be here today with them. So absolutely, of course they deserve and belong up there." -, February 14, 2014
- Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Montréal Guitare Trio cover Tom Sawyer on "Der Prinz" - Coming February 18th

Coming February 18th, Canada's Montréal Guitare Trio will be releasing their latest album, "Der Prinz", which will include a fantastic acoustic cover of "Tom Sawyer". Although now available for preorder on iTunes for release on February 18th, the cd is currently scheduled for U.S. release on March 18.

You can see the trio perform the track live here.

"Live Sound Engineering Techniques: On Tour with Rush with Brent Carpenter" -

This past December 13th, the subscription based education website posted a 78 minute course video with Rush's Sound Engineer Brent Carpenter on tour with Rush on the Clockwork Angels tour.  From their website:
"Follow along with Brent Carpenter on tour with Rush, as he demonstrates what it is like to be a live sound engineer for a major rock show. We shadow Brent and the Rush sound crew as they prepare for the Denver, Colorado, show on their Clockwork Angels tour, where the band is set to perform for 12,000 fans. After the gear is loaded into the venue, Brent explains how he and the crew set up the rigging, amp racks, and fly the speaker arrays to make sure well-balanced stereo sound reaches every seat in the arena. He also shows how he sets up his console to mix the onstage sound for Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart and configures the in-ear monitor system and balance of audience mics for each member of the band. Then we get to sit backstage with Brent and watch what he does during line check, sound check, and the actual show. After the fans file out, see how all the equipment comes back down and is packed away so the cycle can start all over in the next city."
Topics include: Choosing the PA for the venue; Setting up points, motors and cables, and trusses; Getting the best use of both analog and digital signal paths; How Rush gets that Geddy, Alex, and Neil live sound; Setting up the digital monitor mix console; Doing the line check and sound check; Using audience microphones to connect the band to their fans; Getting even coverage in a large arena; Working the monitor console and the power of snapshots; Loading out of the venue.
    For a video introduction see below. - Thanks to Rand Stringer for the headsup!

    Neil Peart's "News Weather and Sports" - February 2014

    Neil Peart has just updated his website with the latest edition of News, Weather & Sports titled "Bubba And The Professor".  Neil begins by contrasting his two selves...:"Can’t you just picture the ’60s sitcom, or wacky road movie, that would follow that title? Why, I can hear the theme music. The story would hinge on the classic “odd couple” setup, where a methodical, high-minded, would-be aesthete and intellectual is handcuffed to an easygoing neanderthal everythingaholic drummer.  You know, like the two polar sides of one character are tricked into sharing a long, difficult journey?  Oh wait-that’s my life.  What tales our nicknames can tell. The two in this title have been conferred upon one individual-your reporter-at different times in his life. You may imagine they come with a story or two."  Check it out in full here!

    Rush Crew Winners at the Tourlink Top Dog Awards

    Rush's Front of House sound engineer Brad Madix and video designer David Davidian both won their respective categories last night at the Tourlink Top Dog Awards ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Howard Ungerleider accepted the awards on their behalf.  The Top Dog Awards are bestowed upon the very best of the best in the touring community as voted by their peers. - Thanks to Greg Nosek for the headsup!

    Walmart "Creating American Jobs" Commercial Featuring "Working Man"

    On Thursday Walmart kicked off a new advertising campaign announcing their pledge to invest $250 billion in products that support American jobs over the next 10 years.  One of the television commercials used in the campaign features Rush's "Working Man".  Check it out here. - Thanks to Tim Murphy for the headsup!

    Signals Feature in new issue of Prog magazine

    The new issue of the UK's Prog magazine, featuring Genesis' Mike Rutherford on the cover, includes a feature on Signals.  From the cover teaser, "RUSH, on creating Signals, a synth rock opus." - Thanks RushFanForever for the headsup!

    Neil Peart writes foreword for David Phillips' "From The Riser, A Drummer's Perspective II"

    In 2010, photographer David Phillips published A Drummer's Perspective: A Photographic Insight into the World of Drummers, a collection of photographs of the world's greatest drummers.  Three years in the making, the followup (part II) is tentatively set for publication later this spring.  The book features Neil Peart on the cover, and in addition Neil also wrote the foreword.

    For more info visit or - Thanks David Phillips for the headsup!

    Alex Lifeson guest appearance on Keram Malicki-Sanchez album Come to Life

    Canadian actor and musician Keram Malicki-Sanchez has started an online campaign via IndieGogo to raise the funds for his album titled Come to Life.  Seven years in the making, the album has been completed and boasts the work of 20 supporting musicians, including Alex Lifeson. Malicki-Sanchez met Lifeson while working on the film Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy, where Lifeson played the role of Dr. Figg.  Lifeson also serves as executive producer on the album.
    "Alex did more than just play on the record, he became a mentor and executive producer, and in turn brought mixer Rich Chycki (RUSH, Aerosmith, Jonny Lang, Pink) on to mix 'Mary Magdalene' which set a new standard for the rest of our mixes and mastering engineer Andy Vandette (Metric, David Bowie, Porcupine Tree) to master the the songs, thus some of the most important people responsible for making Rush records sound like they do." -
    You can read more about the project and the fund raising campaign here. - Thanks to Ed at RushIsABand for the headsup!

    Peart & Anderson Tinker With Rush's "Clockwork Angels" at BOOM! - just published a new article regarding the upcoming "Clockwork Angels" comic book series including a short interview with Neil Peart and Kevin J. Anderson, as well as an exclusive look at the artwork.
    Peart took a few moments out of his busy schedule to talk with Comic Book Resources about his history with comics before Anderson went into more detail about the series. "When I was growing up in the '50s and '60s, comic books were a very important part of my life. I devoured hundreds of them, I realize now -- all of the superheroes, and everything else from Archie and Veronica to 'Classics Illustrated,'" Peart told CBR News. "On a family car trip, I might be allowed to select two new comic books from a drugstore rack, and that was about as thrilling as could be for a suburban Canadian boy. Over the years, I shared all the typical flashlight-under-the-blankets experiences. Comic books entertained me, delighted me, inspired me, and definitely taught me a few things, too," Peart continued. "In Grade 8 I won a public-speaking medal for a speech about General Douglas McArthur that was 'researched' in one of the World War II comics that were also popular in that era."  Peart then analyzed his relationship with comics and how that led to this latest adaptation of "Clockwork Angels." "It occurs to me now that not only have I grown up with comic books, but comic books have grown up with me," he explained. "The rise of the graphic novel has been a wonderful evolution, and I am very pleased that 'Clockwork Angels' will be appearing in that genre. Kevin's words and Nick's art are making my visions live and breathe -- a phenomenon I call 'artificial reality' -- and it is exciting to be a part of it."
    Kevin J. Anderson also added his comments, and it is confirmed that it will be a 6-issue series with the first issue coming out on March 19th.  For more click here.

    Rush album cover featured in iTunes Radio developer preview

    Yesterday the website posted a review of the latest Macintosh iOS 7.1 Beta 5 upgrades. One of the items mentioned is that iTunes Radio will now includes a "Buy Album" button; as seen here the album which they used to demonstrate this option is Rush's "The Spirit of Radio Greatest Hits". - Thanks to Blake Willis for the headsup!

    Dream Theater discuss Rush Influence on their latest, "The Looking Glass"

    Prog-metal group Dream Theater's recent self titled album was released back in September and is available on both CD and iTunes. Music Radar interviewed guitarist John Petrucci where he discussed the Rush influence on the album's track "The Looking Glass":
    "The song is definitely a tip of the hat to RUSH. We're such fans - they've been a huge influence on us, and we continue to admire and look up to them. One of the great things about them is how they write really uplifting songs with positive messages, but they always sound cool. It's really interesting. 'The Spirit Of Radio', 'Limelight' - those are big, big songs with big arena-rock riffs in a major key. Even 'Free Will' has that. The songs aren't dark, but they're tough. It's really hard to write something that can cut both ways like that, but that was my goal. 'The Looking Glass' has a few different stylistic changes: There's the RUSH arena-rock major riff, but the verses are tricky as far as time signatures, and the style is a little darker. The pre-choruses are very pretty and flowing - they're in half-time - and the choruses open up and get really hooky. From verse to pre-chorus to chorus to riff, you've got a lot of musical styles, and that helps to keep things interesting."
    Click here for more, including the new video for "The Looking Glass". - Thanks to Frank Ray for the headsup!

    Power Windows Website turns 16!

    Today is the 16th Anniversary of the launch of the Power Windows website at  We went live on February 1st, 1998!

    Thanks to everyone who have contributed to this site over the years both in terms of content and Paypal contributions to make it what it is, and thanks again to Blake Willis of!

    Looking for your ticket stubs!

    Greetings readers, I'm looking to improve the quality of my ticket scan archive, and would like your help.  Can you scan for me any of your tickets?  Must be HIGH QUALITY SCANS on white background, not photographs, and email them to me here?  The sooner the better!  Thanks in advance for your help!

    Alex Lifeson PRS Acoustic Signature Guitar Premiered At NAMM 2014

    PRS Guitars has announced the new Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline acoustic guitar, new for NAMM 2014. While the craftsmanship and attention to detail are very consistent with other PRS Private Stock acoustics, this instrument embodies some new design elements that take the instrument in a unique direction. The Alex Lifeson signature PRS acoustic is slightly thinner than the company's Angelus Cutaway and Tonare Grand and is constructed in such a way that it lends itself to louder stage volumes and the rigors of the road.

    "During the 2013 RUSH 'Clockwork Angels' tour, I had the opportunity to spend some time with a PRS Angelus Cutaway," said Lifeson. "It quickly became my pre-show warm-up guitar, and I spent many hours in many hotel rooms lost in the gorgeous sound and tone of that beautiful instrument.

    "I'm very happy to announce that I have collaborated with PRS to develop an Alex Lifeson signature model based on this superlative platform. If you're like me, you won't be able to put it down."

    The Alex Lifeson signature acoustic is made in PRS Guitars' Maryland shop and features a bearclaw spruce top and koa back and sides with a mahogany neck and ebony bridge, fretboard, and headstock veneer. It is adorned with Mother of Pearl and Paua "Birds in Flight" inlays and Paua purfling along the top, fretboard, and headstock veneer.

    "We are honored to work with Alex, a guitarist with world-renowned acclaim, experience, and talent," said Jack Higginbotham, president, PRS Guitars. "It would be difficult to find a better person to lend a discerning ear and such voluminous experience to a project like this.

    "Our goal has been to develop a musical instrument that can perform equally well at home, on the stage, in the studio, or in the practice room. With Alex, we have found the perfect balance of all the above in an elegant package."

    The PRS Private Stock Alex Lifeson Thinline acoustic will be available starting in the spring of 2014. More details can be found at

    - Thanks to for the headsup!

    DW Drums Collector's Series Icon Snare Drums Premiered at NAMM 2014

    The 2014 NAMM show is currently underway in Anaheim, California, and DW Drums has premiered its new Collector's Series Icon snare drums.
    "Created by DW Drum Designer, John Good, to pay tribute to some of the most iconic drummers in the history of Rock, the all-new line of Icon snare drums honors Neil Peart of Rush, Roger Taylor of Queen, and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. The snare drum sizes and shell configurations are as played by each artist, with one dramatic new design element.  The finish is painstakingly laser-cut, then hand-inlayed from a variety of jaw-dropping exotic wood veneers. For Neil Peart’s drum, the Time Machine motif is realistically recreated in the wood, while Queen’s ornate, Freddie Mercury-designed crest is depicted, as is Pink Floyd’s famous Dark Side of the Moon prism and waveform image. Each drum is protected with clear gloss lacquer and includes Collector’s Series® snare drum standard features such as our MAG™ throw-off system with 3P (3 position) buttplate, True-Hoops™, True-Tone™ snare wires, True-Pitch™ tuning, and DW Heads by Remo USA®. Also included are a premium DW snare bag, certificate of authenticity, and a legend that describes the woods used for each specific drum. For more information on this iconic collection, visit:"
    You can download the brochure here. - Thanks to Mark Rosenthal for the headsup!