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RUSH Makes VH-1'S 100 Greatest Artitsts Of Rock

Rush was voted as #28 on the five part/five hour program hosted by Carmen Electra which aired in mid-November.  During the program, Rush was supported with comments by Vinnie Paul, Vernon Reid and Sebastian Bach:
"My first impression of Rush was "God On Drums." Neil Peart... I mean everything he did was unbelievable. And you can't forget Geddy and Alex man. God... great great band." - Vinnie Paul (Pantera)

"Musically... you know they've carved an incredible niche. They've created their own language." -  Vernon Reid (Living Colour)

Sebastian Bach (Skid Row): "I actually proposed to my wife because of one of their I heard these words and it just kind of....{slapping himself} kind of slapped me back into reality and I went back and put the ring on her finger cause of... cause of a Rush song."

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