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Rush Quoted In Esquire To Inspire Votes

"And as the nation yawns and rolls over, heedless of the thrumming media harpies and their 'Decision/Vote/Choice 2000' business, we realize: Rush was right. Not the talk-radio fattie-the band. People, whom do you think Rush was trying to reach with 'If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice'? Correct it was you. So now more than ever: Rush powered by Neil Peart-chief lyricist, Ayn rand devotee, bitchin' drummer and more. Turns out Mr. Peart is an ardent libertarian. (They're the ones who want to abolish taxes and legalize pot, we think.) As such, societal themes permeate the Rush canon, among them freedom, self-reliance, and Thai stick. Peart noted the individualism of Tom Sawyer; he celebrated the worth of philosophers and 'ploughmen'; and long before Napster, he gave us his eloquent lamentation on record-company greed: 'For the words of the profits were written on the studio wall/[and]concert hall/And echoes with the sounds of salesmen/ooooofffff salesmen!' Our Point? Not sure, but maybe it's that the Libbies deserve another look-if only because their convention will probably not showcase Fleetwood Mac and might even feature a Canadian power trio whose logo involves a naked guy and a pentagram. Whatever: Rock the vote!" - Esquire Magazine, November, 2000

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