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The Orbit Room 16th Anniversary Party

The Orbit Room held its 16th Anniversary Celebration Party on Friday night, and as usual Alex Lifeson was in attendance (as was Terry Brown). Alex joined in with The Dave Murphy Band and The Dexter's to perform "For What It's Worth" and "White Rabbit", two songs they previously released on Second Anniversary At The Orbit Room back in 1996, as well as Kashmir, Won't Get Fooled Again, Peter Gunn, Tom Sawyer, In The Mood, and Limelight. Videos for all songs are available here. - Thanks to RushGirl for the headsup!

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  1. I spent a couple of weeks in Toronto betwen 9/11 (before & after) and I hit the Orbit Room several times. I like the beer selection, the burgers, and especially the fries. Too bad Alex wasn't around though. It would have been great just to be in the same room.