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Minor Website Revision

Today Power Windows has been updated with a Neil Peart theme, featuring the artwork from his second drumming video, Anatomy Of A Drum Solo.  Why this release?  Well it was about time Neil got his time in the sun (both Geddy and Alex's solo albums have been featured).  And besides, while Neil doesn't have any solo albums to feature, the Anatomy artwork is pretty darn cool...

In addition, after 13 years of utilizing my old menu panel which used to reside to the left side of my site, I've replaced it with a modern "mega menu" which not only allows me to reclaim a lot of previously wasted screen real estate, it is also packed with multiple sub menus to help you find related pages (check out the discography "studio albums" sub menu for example).  Be sure to refresh your browser to pull in all the new info the site requires; after the first load, it will load quicker than ever before.  If you like the change, or hate it, please leave feedback!

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