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Neil Peart's "News Weather and Sports" - May 2011

Neil Peart has updated his website with his latest edition of "News Weather and Sports". Titled "Eastern Resurrection", he discusses the first leg of the Time Machine Tour, traveling through the eastern United States during the spring time, church signs and billboards, being a "faith-basher", and being long away from home.  He briefly summarizes the mileage covered on the first leg of the tour:
"My April travels with Michael on this sequel to last year's Time Machine tour carried us from Florida up to Quebec—thirteen shows and 3,800 miles of motorcycling between them. The weather varied from warm and blossoming across Tennessee to a polar wasteland in Ontario." - Neil Peart

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  1. Gr8 stuff-faith is all about having faith in urself & bashing means u need to think for urself-there's GOD in each of us. Maybe Neil didn't realize his fortune cookie in Artesia was true-he's as talented in writing as he is a "basher".Now that he has heated sox & bells he also needs magnetic bracelets.they work great and also help heal the bones.Thanks to all ;)