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All The World's A Stage Update

As we anticipate the release of Rush's Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland, I have given the site a facelift to celebrate the upcoming 35th Anniversary of Rush's first live album, All The World's A Stage, released on September 29th, 1976.
"With 2112, we felt we had reached a first plateau. We had realized the goals we set for ourselves before the second album. Musically, it looked like a logical place to do a live album. We had four albums' worth of material honed down into a live show. And the record company was hot for a live album." - Neil Peart, Circus Magazine, November 25, 1976
"All the World's a Stage, where you opened up the cover and, wow, there were three pages of pictures of us in action on stage...." - Geddy Lee, Sounds, November 1981

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