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"Mover" Mike Dixon Discusses the Moving Pictures album cover

Back in 2006, videographer Greg Nosek interviewed Mike Dixon, easily recognizable to Rush fans everywhere as one of the movers on the Moving Pictures and Exit Stage Left album covers.  Just under three minutes long, you can view the interview at

In the interview, Mike discusses the various 'actors' on the Moving Pictures cover, beginning with the mover on the far left, his friend Bobby King.  Bob King was on Hugh Syme's design team, and is credited for assisting Hugh on A Farewell to Kings, Hemispheres and Archives.  Dixon goes on to tell how Bob King is not only one of the movers, but is also the original Starman on 2112, as well as Dionysus on the Hemispheres cover (i.e., the naked guy).  In addition, the mover holding the Starman painting is Kelly Jay, who sang for the Toronto band Crowbar (Crowbar performed with Rush at the Minkler Auditorium prior to '74, an advertisement for this show is in the Different Stages linernotes collage).  Dixon also confirms photographer Deborah Sammuels is the Joan of Arc character and that her relatives are the family on the right (this conflicts with information provided in the Rush biography Chemistry, which states "Hugh borrowed friends, neighbours and even his hairdresser's parents").

Besides the video, be sure to also check out Nosek's "Strange Bird Gallery", which includes a few images which Rush fans will be interested in.  Thanks Greg for sharing!

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