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Clockwork Angels Tour - Latest News And Reviews

The 2013 leg of the Clockwork Angels Tour kicked off April 23rd in Austin, Texas, and will conclude August 4th in Kansas City, Missouri.  Here are the latest news and reviews.  For spoilers, including setlists, photos and videos, visit the Clockwork Angels Tour News page.

Clockwork Angels Tour News and Reviews


  1. Again Rush look awesome on the youtube clips, but the audiences look comatose (Rush may be the best, but there fans are the worst)-perhaps every ticket should come with a wrap of speed.

  2. Rush was great at the Target Center on September 24, but the StarTribune review posted was a joke. It reads like the reviewer saw the first half and thought that was enough. It's an embarrassment to Minnesota.

  3. First off, I am not a Rush newbie. Luckily, I am in the multiple decades mark of appreciation. That being said, I was rather delighted at the concert in Nashville last night for a couple of reasons: (

    1.) Obviously, they played a good amount of their catalog from the 1980s, which, sacrilege to some, is actually my favorite era (stone me later, just as long as you play "Prime Mover" while doing it).

    (2.) The concert sound was damn near perfect; I have seen the guys outdoors and indoors and I have made comments in the past that over the past decade, Rush's concert sound (and perhaps studio sound) has begun to sound "muddy" and less defined/refined (another reason that I like the 1980s era); I don't think it has only to do with Geddy's bass and rig choice (the boomier Fender basses, etc) nor is it only Alex's heavier and more saturated guitar sound (the Les Paul/Marshall inspiration), nor is it Neil's long resonating D.W. drums, there is something else, which I am still debating. THAT BEING SAID, LAST NIGHT'S SOUND WAS SO ENJOYABLE; NOT PERFECT BUT THE BEST SINCE THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR IN 2004.

    What would have made it slightly better, pushing towards perfection? More definition with Geddy's bass tone (I really enjoyed the sound and tone he got from the Wal basses, particularly the slightly deeper/heavier red one from the early 1990s). The Fender basses and his rig are still very boomy and the notes get lost in the mix; Geddy is a technical player with a lot of movement all over the bass, I want to hear those notes! And lastly, because I am such a fan of the 1980s material, I could have push the synthesizers and triggers slightly up in the mix… ever so slightly; I remember seeing Rush in the early 1990s and they actually had dedicated speaker stacks over the audience that did nothing but do the synth events (think all the change dropping and cash register sounds in The Big Money, etc), I want to hear those things above the mix slightly, I want Rush to play at the same volume, the same depth but I want to hear the intricacies of the synthesizers and the fun little things.

  4. Other than that, they were awesome and played a nearly flawless show. I know it sounds mean, but I could care less about the "Clockwork Angels String Ensemble". I mean they did a good job and the new material really sounded lovely, especially for a concert but I am just not that into seeing that; that's not a Rush show to me and I hope that idea is dropped if the band continues to record and tour.
    And I am sure I will be lambasted for saying this for any of a number of reasons: Women have no place at a Rush concert UNLESS THEY ARE FANS…. On second thought, MEN have no place at a Rush concert unless they are fans BUT they get a pass because, well, because Rush is not a “sexy” band. What do I mean? Well two things mostly:
    (1.) The very attractive dark haired woman playing, what I believe to be second violin in the string ensemble was wearing these skin tight black vinyl/leather looking pants. Now, do not get me wrong, she was hot and being that I am straight, I could look at her with keen interest for quite a long time… BUT NOT AT A RUSH CONCERT!

    (2.) And I know this comment will never reach its intended targets but I must say it anyway: Just like the poor bastards trying to sell beer last night and coming up relatively short, most true Rush fans are not there to drink and otherwise fog the night’s excitement and experience NOR are they there to look at your sleazy/slutty girlfriends dressed in low cut tops and/or overly glamorous outfits. It’s a rock concert (strike that, it’s a RUSH CONCERT), not a fashion show. Guys, leave your girls at home, unless they are FANS themselves. And for the unaccompanied or VIP skanks… there are plenty of concerts filled with aging rockers and aging fans for you to go get your psycho/sexual acceptance fix from, I assure you! Leave Rush and their concerts to the people that have more to say for themselves and the world than, “oh wow you’re hot”.


    - Dustin S. McGinnis

  5. Saw Rush in Raleigh on May 3 and was very disappointed. I've been a huge fan, having seen them on every tour since 1977's a Farewell to Kings. The sound was so bad at this show I could barely tell what they were playing - couldn't even hear Neil playing unless he was doing a solo. Hopefully next time out they will hire someone different to mix the show.


    Here is a link to the RUSH Clockwork Angels review for Vancouver, July 26, 2013 show.