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Contest to celebrate the release of Joe Bergamini's "Neil Peart: Taking Center Stage" Book

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest celebrating the release of Joe Bergamini's new book, Taking Center Stage which was officially released yesterday.  The questions were a bit tricky - in all, only 20% of the entries received were correct!  Most frequently, people forgot to take into account the bass drum on the electronic kit while the second biggest error were entries that gave the color of Neil's Roll The Bones kit, when we were asking for the color of the Counterparts kit!  The winners are:

  • Ray Kolek - One autographed Bubbas coffee mug
  • Martin Wade - One autographed copy of Far & Away
  • Nathan Wlazelek - One signed closing statement Neil wrote for the Taking Center Stage DVD, printed on parchment paper, framed
  • Charles Friedel - One large autographed poster of the Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVD cover
  • Christopher Muller - One large autographed poster of the Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVD cover

Here's a message from Joe where he reviews the correct answers:
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and I hope you all enjoy the book. Here are the correct answers to the questions:

1. What percussion instrument did Neil use only on the Counterparts tour, and then remove from his kit (The acoustic instrument; not including digital samples of its sound)?
Answer: A tambourine

2. How many bass drums did Neil use on the Roll the Bones tour?
Answer: 2 (Although there's only 1 on the front kit, the rear kit had one as well!) I know this may have seemed like a trick question because I wrote about Neil going from two bass drums on the front kit to one, but from the diagram you can clearly see there was a total of two bass drums: one for the front kit and one for the rear. It seems that some folks answered "3," counting the Gong Bass Drum, so we are accepting that answer, although despite its name, drummers consider this basically a huge tom, and wouldn't count it as a bass drum. But because of this confusion, we accepted 2 or 3 as correct answers here.

3. What was the color of Neil's drumset for the Counterparts tour?
Answer: Dark Cherry or Black Cherry are both correct answers.

Congratulations to the winners!
Joe Bergamini
Thanks again to Joe Bergamini and Hudson Music for putting on this fantastic contest, and thanks to all those who entered!

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