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"Rush As Food" - The Cookbook

Back in July, Toronto chef Matt Kantor hosted the "Rush As Food" benefit dinner in Toronto with proceeds going to Andrew MacNaughtan's "Art Gives Hope" charity.  Kantor has just published a cookbook of the event, Rush As Food - The Cookbook, currently available exclusively on iTunes:
"Rush as Food: The cookbook" documents the dinner series by Matt Kantor, who deconstructed nine rush songs into food for a charity event.  This event was held in Toronto in July of 2012, proceeds of this dinner to benefit "Art Gives Hope", the WorldVision project stated by Andrew MacNaughtan, long time Rush photographer who passed away earlier in the year.  Each dish contains background, recipes, photographs and in some cases videos and interactive components, making this a must have cookbook for any home enthusiast or die-hard Rush fan."

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