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Hugh Syme discusses his "Life Sentence"

The Art of Rush, a 272 page coffee table book that delves into the 40 year relationship with Rush and their longtime artist and illustrator Hugh Syme, was released on May 22. Yesterday the Daily Tribune (Michigan) published a new interview with Hugh were he discussed the book.
“From the very beginning I could sense that this band tried to make every album they do musically different, and felt the same way about the artwork.  I didn’t want a logo to overpower everything, as it does in the case of Megadeth or Yes and so many other bands who’ve got a logo that needs to be front and center.  I was just kind of lucky to find a band that was also willing to deviate from the norm every time and that allowed me the luxury and a lot of latitude to respond to each title as a unique event and not get stuck into one sort of style. We weren’t stuck in any kind of template.”
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