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Rush featured on Ninja Sex Party's 'Under The Covers' released March 4

This past Friday March 4th the comedy band Ninja Sex Party released their Under The Covers album featuring their favorite songs from the 70s and 80s.  Included on the 12 track album are "Subdivisions" and "Madrigal".  You can purchase the album here, and preview Subdivisions here and Madrigal here.

This is not the first time this band has referenced Rush. They have snuck "2112" into their music videos numerous times, and on their previous album, Attitude City, is the semi-parody of "2112" called "6969".  It tells the story of the band heading to the titular year  only to find sex has been outlawed. They directly use the line "I know it's most unusual to come before you so...", and one of song's subsections is titled "To Sleep, Perchance to Cream".  In addition, the inner artwork features a parody of Rush's starman where the star is replaced with a red Star of David (relating to the lead singer's Jewish background, which is often played for humor in their music).

- Thanks to Andrew Weiss for the headsup!

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