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Lesley Choyce remembers Neil Peart

Lesley Choyce, Neil's first book publisher, put together a video of remembrance for Neil:
"Here is a link to a recording -- a sort of podcast, I guess -- of my tribute to Neil Peart that I wrote last winter after his death on January 7, 2020. Neil and I were friends since the 1990s and I published his first book, The Masked Rider, in 1996. We kept in touch over the years and this is my story of our unusual friendship. With the anniversary of his death coming up, I thought I’d record a version of what I wrote. Doug Barron produced the accompanying video."

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  1. Lovely tribute. Having read Ghost Rider I was aware of who you are. Neil was a true inspiration to me in my life & my own latter day troubles. A unique, beautiful spirit whose words have helped me throughout my life. It still breaks my heart that he didn't have longer with his family in retirement. RIP my brother.