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New Song from Alex Lifeson: "Cherry Lopez Lullaby"

Today Alex Lifeson shared a new song titled "Cherry Lopez Lullaby" to the "music" section of his website:

"This was written during the mix session of Clockwork Angels while in LA for months starting early 2012.  I did an interview with High Times and the interviewer brought along a friend, an esteemed grower who provided a sample of his creation named Cherry Lopez.  Because I was on an EST body clock, I was up most mornings @ 5:00 AM.  I'd order coffee, sit on my hotel room balcony, read the paper and wake and bake then dive into making some fun sounds while the city was waking up.  I had some borrowed acoustic and electric guitars for the duration, thankfully, as sitting around waiting to go to the studio was tedious and certainly, a bowl of Cherry kept my appetite healthy." - Alex, Oct 29, 2021

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