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"Rush’s Neil Peart: I was betrayed" - Classic Rock Magazine

Today Classic Rock magazine has posted a teaser from an interview with Neil Peart from their upcoming issue going on sale this Wednesday, April 24th.  In the interview, Neil comments on an interview published in the March 4, 1978 issue of the UK's New Musical Express (which you can read here):
“I recall that NME interview very well because the conversation was great,” Peart recalls in an interview in the forthcoming new edition of Classic Rock. “And we all felt totally betrayed after, because we had a lovely time with the guy. I remember him being so courteous. It was so amicable. As far as I was concerned, we were just having an intellectual conversation. But these things are wide open to misinterpretation, and that was a classic case.”

Peart, who has since distanced himself from Rand’s writings, added: “I know where I fall politically. And I define it better now: I’m a libertarian, but a bleeding-heart libertarian.  I believe in taxation and health care that is outside the usual libertarian mandate, because I don’t want people to have to suffer. It’s as simple as that. If people are suffering and I can help, I want to. But here’s the difference between being an idealist and a realist. Idealistically, I believe that we should help people. But realistically, do I think that government will do that? No.”

Peart defines ‘libertarianism’ as follows: “It’s enlightened self-interest. Free will. I’ve lived in the US for the last 10 years, and I wanted there to be a health care system. The little bit that there is, it’s a wonderful thing. So that’s an example of what I consider enlightened self-interest. That’s why I’m a bleeding-heart libertarian.

"Clockwork Angels" Wins Rock Album Of The Year Juno

As previously announced, Rush was nominated for Group of the Year and Clockwork Angels was nominated as the Rock Album of the Year.  The 2013 Juno Awards took place tonight at Regina's Brandt Centre.  Rush lost group of the year catagory to Mariannas Trench, but Clockwork Angels did win as Rock Album of the Year. - Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!

Rush Featured on "Hockey Night In Canada"

In honor of Rush's Rock Hall of Fame Induction, Saturday night's Hockey Night in Canada opened with a video montage including Rush with Limelight in the soundtrack. - Thanks to Ben Taylor and Pat Komadoski for the heads up!

Geddy Lee Throws Blue Jays Ceremonial First Pitch On Opening Day April 2

UPDATE: Check out "Rush’s Lee says throwing first pitch at Jays opener “really cool”":
“I really wanted to make sure I threw a strike because in my own demented mind I felt if I throw a bad pitch I’m going to jinx the Jays. So I practised for a couple of days and once I got up there I was pretty relaxed. I pitched right down the middle. I was very happy about that. I couldn’t let the side down.” - Jam!Showbiz, April 16, 2012 (Thanks to RushFanForever for the headsup!)
The Toronto Blue Jays opened their 37th season with a sold out Rogers Centre for Honda Opening Night on Tuesday, April 2nd against the Cleveland Indians.  Geddy Lee threw out the Ceremonial First Pitch, and it was a perfect strike!  Click here to view the video.

The Vancouver Sun later posted a short video interview with Geddy shortly before throwing out he first pitch.  Click here to view.

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Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Highlights

The 28th annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place last night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.  Rush was the final act inducted, preceded by Heart, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, and the late Albert King and Donna Summer.

Rush were inducted by Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters:  "Rock & roll has forever been ensconced in mystery..." Grohl said, "...but there's one mystery that surely eclipses them all: when the fuck did Rush become cool?...From day one, the band built its following the right way. No hype, no (baloney), they did it from the ground up without any help from the mainstream press...Their influence is undeniable and their devoted fan base is only rivaled by the Grateful Dead. Look at you people, all of you people, right here! And their legacy is that of a band that stayed true to themselves no matter how uncool they may have seemed to anyone...They have always been cool! Consider this mystery solved.  It is our honor to FINALLY induct Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Neil Peart was the first to give a speech, opening with:  “We’ve been saying for a long time that this wasn’t that big a deal, turns out, it truly IS a big deal.’’

Geddy added it was "a little overwhelming for a nice Jewish boy from Toronto" and crowned his speech with thanks to "the most passionate, incredible fan base around the globe...for not only supporting and encouraging our musical progress over the years, but for the insistence of their voices, which has most certainly led us to this evening."

And Alex, well, Alex gave a speech that was uniquely his own, using the simple phrase of "blah blah blah" and charades to convey the highs and lows of a career fighting for respect with the mainstream media, as well as the trio’s underlying love for each other, and the journey of the band to that point in time. 

Here is a complete fan recorded video of Rush's induction speech.  The event will be broadcast May 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO, and will also eventually be released on DVD.

After Rush's induction speech, Dave Grohl (guitar), Taylor Hawkins (drums), and Nick Raskulinecz (Geddy's Rickenbacker), wearing wigs and kimonos circa 1976, opened the Rush set with "2112 Overture" before Rush joined them and performed "Tom Sawyer" followed by "The Spirit of Radio".  The all star jam finale was "Crossroads," featuring the new Class of Hall of Famers as well as Grohl, Gary Clarke Jr. and current Hall of Famer John Fogerty.

Backstage after the event,  Dave Grohl said "It's terrifying to play your favorite song in front of your favorite band. it's one thing to sit in the basement to sit in the basement and woodshed 2112, and it's another to stand in front of Rush in a fucking kimono and a wig. Tonight was one of the most special nights of my life.  I met Neil Peart for the first time at rehearsal. This man was as influential to me as any religion. And he said, 'So nice to meet you, can I make you a coffee?' And he made me a coffee. Later on that night, I went to dinner and had a couple glasses of wine and I started fucking crying, because my hero made me a coffee." 

Geddy Lee also reflected on the night's events, "When we first found out, I don't think it really dawned on me what it meant.  And in the days building up to this tonight, I've started reflecting on our lives and what this actually does mean in the context of music, popular music."

For our gallery of photos of what we deem the best of the night click here.

See below for additional stories published today

Geddy Lee Finally Speaks Out About The Runaways: "They were too shitty to listen to" - Prog Magazine

The new issue of Prog magazine is now on newsstands, and inside Geddy Lee finally gives his side of The Runaways story of when they opened for Rush at Detroit's Cobo Hall on February 10, 1977, as dramatized in their feature film.

Rush fans will recall Joan Jett's comments while promoting the film: 
"...Joan Jett says members of Rush were anything but polite Canucks when the Runaways opened for them in the 1970s. In the new film biopic about the band titled The Runaways, Jett (played by Kristen Stewart) is derided by an unidentified rock group they're opening for. She later retaliates by breaking into their dressing room and urinating on one of their guitars. Jett doesn't hesitate to identify the real-life inspiration for the scene. 'Rush! They sat on the side of the stage and laughed at us,' Jett says. 'That sort of stuff pisses me off.'" - JamMusic, January 29, 2010
In the current issue of Prog, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Geddy Lee replies:
"The Runaways had a ginormous chip on their shoulders.  I remember that show.  We had trouble with our gear so our soundcheck got delayed and The Runaways never got one.  But we were always good to whoever was opening for us.  We had no bias against them because they were girls - none of that bullshit.  I know they said that we were laughing at them when they played, but quite frankly they were too shitty to listen to.  And 40 years later they have a story to tell about it.  Who knew?"
- Thanks to Tony R for the headsup!

"Rush on Rock Hall, Retirement and 'Wine Therapy': Video Q&A" - Billboard has posted another short interview including video where "Lee and his bandmate Alex Lifeson look particularly relaxed in the Billboard studio, where they chatted about their upcoming Hall of Fame moment, life in a rock 'n' roll band and their friendship with the Foo Fighters, who will induct the group during a ceremony April 18." -, April 18, 2013

"Standing ovation for Rush in the House of Commons" - Globe & Mail

Thursday morning, Canada's House of Commons gave Rush a standing ovation in anticipation of their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction later that evening.  Check out the video here.

"Why do so many rock critics hate Rush?" - Buffalo News

In preparation of tonight's Rock Hall of Fame Induction, the Buffalo News asks "Why do so many rock critics hate Rush?".
“It ain’t ever gonna happen. Regardless of their success, Rush have never achieved critical acclaim and no one will ever vote for them ... most of it gives me a headache... Technical proficiency is not a valid reason to induct an artist, and Rush really hasn’t done anything unique.”

Tonight, as the class of 2013 is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, via a ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the air will be filled with many beautiful sounds – from the performers, to the high-profile artists chosen to induct those performers with speeches, to the assembled cheering on their heroes.

But most beautiful of all for some will be the sound of Rolling Stone senior editor and rock hall board member David Wild, who is the man quoted above, eating his words. For tonight, the Canadian progressive rock trio Rush will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

"Heart and Rush Among Artists Set to Be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tonight" - ABC News Radio

ABC News Radio have published "Heart and Rush Among Artists Set to Be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Tonight", which includes this from Geddy and Alex:
As for Rush, the Canadian power trio's fans have long lobbied for the band's induction and their wish finally will come to fruition this evening. Guitarist Alex Lifeson and singer/bassist Geddy Lee both have the utmost appreciation for their faithful followers.

"Our fans are the most amazing fans in the world," declares Lifeson. He adds that it's "a wonderful, very satisfying feeling" when fans tell him that Rush has "helped them, through our music, to get through a difficult period."

Lee explains to ABC News Radio, "To be sitting here, all these years later and to still have people come up to us on the street on a daily basis, and to see the kind of thanks…they're thanking us for what we do -- I mean, that blows me away."

"Tom Morello, Jerry Cantrell sing Rush's praises at Hall of Fame gala" - Canadian Press

In "Tom Morello, Jerry Cantrell sing Rush's praises at Hall of Fame gala", another story published today leading up to tonight's ceremony,guitarist Tom Morello remarks on his admiration of Rush:
"Their musicianship was very important to me as an aspiring guitar player," he said. "And they eschewed some of the cornier trappings of hard rock music — the devil stuff and the groupie stuff, which I could never really relate to. And three of the greatest players were somehow in the same band. Their music was just very compelling to me."

"I gotta tell you, rehearsal last night, it took a little getting used to being in that proximity," he laughed. "At one point, Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden) and I ... were studying Neil Peart's kit like we were 12 years old. We begin rehearsal and I'm like holy (crap), that's Neil Peart! On Neil Peart's kit! Really, that's crazy. I could have touched him! It's awesome."

"They are as advertised though," he added. "They are as down to earth and easygoing as any band. They deserve to be in the nice guy of rock hall of fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

"It's not cool to like RUSH. That's OK" - CNN just posted the article "It's not cool to like RUSH. That's OK", which focuses on the vindication of Rush:
This is it: the night that RUSH fans have waited for since 1999, when the group was first eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thursday night, the Canadian trio -- a staple of classic rock radio stations -- will jam onstage with their fellow class of inductees.

We should feel vindicated, right?

For the last 13 years, fans of the band have been outraged as the Hall of Fame overlooked their heroes. From the moment RUSH was eligible for consideration, fans signed petitions and wondered what kind of critics could be keeping their heroes from the limelight.

Even now, fans still feel slighted.

"Rush reflects on long career ahead of induction into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" - Canadian Press

With the Rock Hall induction ceremony taking place tonight, today the Canadian Press has published "Rush reflects on long career ahead of induction into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", a new interview where they have had time to take in the fact that they will finally be inducted:
"...amid the craziness of the week, the members of Rush admit that the magnitude of this particular honour has begun to sharpen into focus. While they were steadfastly ambivalent through all the years of apparent snubs, and even to a certain extent upon first learning of their induction, they can't help but be flattered now by their band finally receiving its due."
[Geddy] adds. "And of course, we are not really a mainstream act."
"We're not an 'act,'" Peart interrupts, jokingly.
"You're not acting?" Lee shoots back.

"Rush's Geddy Lee: 'The Music That Made Me' Video Q&A" - has just posted "Rush's Geddy Lee: 'The Music That Made Me' Video Q&A", a short Q&A with Geddy, including a couple items answered on video with sidekick Alex.  Click here for the full story. - Thanks to Greg Nosek for the headsup!

"Rush to Judgment, and the Rock Hall of Fame" - Village Voice

Today's Village Voice has published the extensive story "Rush to Judgment, and the Rock Hall of Fame".  Besides including a nice summation of the band's thoughts on the ceremony, it also touches on past history and concludes with this thought on what Rush fans will complain about now that the band has been inducted into the hall:
"Our set list," says Lifeson reflexively. "It's an endless complaint. Everybody wants to hear everything."

"We're only playing for three hours, so I guess we did it wrong," says Lee, smiling. "We should be playing for four."

"Rush's Rock Hall induction: 'I'm relieved for our fans'" - USA Today

Another national press story leading up to Thursday's Rock Hall of Fame induction appeared in today's USA Today: "Rush's Rock Hall induction: 'I'm relieved for our fans'".  In this interview Geddy and Alex comment on bands they hope to see inducted in the near future:
"...I also hope this means other great bands like Yes will follow suit," says Lee. "Deep Purple was on the ballot this year, and I was hoping they'd get in with us. We wouldn't be the band we are without Deep Purple's existence."

Lifeson says he hopes Rush's inclusion "opens the doors for bands like the Moody Blues and King Crimson, who had a huge influence. It's a bit ironic, really. Rock music was born in rebellion, so it's odd to have (a Hall of Fame) where there seem to be guidelines for who's acceptable and who's not."

"Rush frontman Geddy Lee thrilled by Rock Hall induction" - Toronto Sun

Today's Toronto Sun includes the story "Rush frontman Geddy Lee thrilled by Rock Hall induction" where he had this to say about the upcoming induction ceremony:
"It's a really nice feeling," Lee says. "It's an honour. There's some terrific musicians in the Hall of Fame and, I suppose, as time goes on more great musicians will be inducted. And so it's kind of a nice pat on the back and we're quite happy to received it."
He also had this to say regarding fellow inductees Heart:
Aside from Heart -- Lee had lunch with guitarist Nancy Wilson recently in L.A. -- they don't know the other inductees who are all expected to jam at the end of the show.  "I wouldn't say I know them well but I feel like I know them well," says Lee of Heart.  "We did some gigs many years ago together in the northwestern U.S.A. of the midwest, I could be mistaken, and we always got along. And because they did so many gigs in Canada in their early days, we kind of felt like we were of the same vintage."
In regards to the songs they will perform Thursday:
Rush will only perform a couple of songs Thursday. The tunes are being kept a secret although Lee admits "it's probably pretty obvious what songs we'll play."
And regarding those who are inducting them:
Inducting them will be Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. Rush chose them from a range of potential candidates.  "Dave and Taylor are people we respect a lot and we know them and it makes it more comfortable for us, so I feel fortunate that we have them to induct us. What you see is what you get with those guys and they love music and Taylor is a huge Rush fan and so for him he's just totally psyched to do this and it'll make it a much nicer evening because of that."

Special Los Angeles Showings of "Beyond The Lighted Stage" April 16th

"Leading into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, The ArcLight Cinema in Los Angeles will be doing a special screening of RUSH: BEYOND THE LIGHTED STAGE followed by a Q&A session with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of RUSH hosted by the inimitable Jim Ladd. This is happening Tuesday, April 16th at 7pm and you can buy your tickets here." -

A second showing was also added for 8:30.  This screening will feature a Q+A from directors Sam Dunn & Scot McFadyen.  Buy your tickets here.

Cee Lo Green Name Drops "Moving Pictures" In Delta's Sky Magazine

R&B/rap artist Cee Lo Green appears on the cover of the April issue of Delta's Sky Magazine.  In the cover interview Cee Lo name drops "Moving Pictures" as art:
“I don’t even know if hip-hop is music anymore. It’s definitely rhythm. It’s definitely tempo. It’s definitely beats per minute. But it’s product. And television is product placement for the most part. It’s not passion.”

...But still, I have to ask, “Aren’t you guilty of pushing product yourself, CeeLo?”

“There’s a difference between art and product,” he says. “Maybe I can help make art product again. You know what I’m saying? It once was. Is Rush’s Moving Pictures not art? You feeling me? Where are those progressive bands anymore? Why isn’t it allowed? It’s almost a conspiracy, if you ask me.”

Call it the swag conspiracy. “Now music is so swag. Swag means to stand still,” he says. “And standing still is playing it safe. Nothing dangerous about having swag, you feel me? There’s something dangerous about putting on a wedding dress. I can inform you and educate you at the same time. I want to disturb you. So if anything, I feel like I do rock ’n’ roll music. Maybe a more fitting hybrid would be rock and soul. Because I am the best at soul music at the moment."
You can read the full feature interview here. - Thanks to David Sellars for the headsup!

RUSH: An Oral History Coming Thursday

Toronto Star journalist Vinay Menon conducted separate and lengthy interviews with Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart and stitched the band’s history together to celebrate their induction into the Rock Hall of Fame. RUSH: An Oral History will be available for sale April 18th. This is RUSH in their own words. To get your copy, subscribe for only $1/week at or purchase for $2.99 at