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"Rush frontman Geddy Lee thrilled by Rock Hall induction" - Toronto Sun

Today's Toronto Sun includes the story "Rush frontman Geddy Lee thrilled by Rock Hall induction" where he had this to say about the upcoming induction ceremony:
"It's a really nice feeling," Lee says. "It's an honour. There's some terrific musicians in the Hall of Fame and, I suppose, as time goes on more great musicians will be inducted. And so it's kind of a nice pat on the back and we're quite happy to received it."
He also had this to say regarding fellow inductees Heart:
Aside from Heart -- Lee had lunch with guitarist Nancy Wilson recently in L.A. -- they don't know the other inductees who are all expected to jam at the end of the show.  "I wouldn't say I know them well but I feel like I know them well," says Lee of Heart.  "We did some gigs many years ago together in the northwestern U.S.A. of the midwest, I could be mistaken, and we always got along. And because they did so many gigs in Canada in their early days, we kind of felt like we were of the same vintage."
In regards to the songs they will perform Thursday:
Rush will only perform a couple of songs Thursday. The tunes are being kept a secret although Lee admits "it's probably pretty obvious what songs we'll play."
And regarding those who are inducting them:
Inducting them will be Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. Rush chose them from a range of potential candidates.  "Dave and Taylor are people we respect a lot and we know them and it makes it more comfortable for us, so I feel fortunate that we have them to induct us. What you see is what you get with those guys and they love music and Taylor is a huge Rush fan and so for him he's just totally psyched to do this and it'll make it a much nicer evening because of that."

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  1. Play "A Farewell to Kings" at the R&R would be perfect, eh?