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"Rush's Rock Hall induction: 'I'm relieved for our fans'" - USA Today

Another national press story leading up to Thursday's Rock Hall of Fame induction appeared in today's USA Today: "Rush's Rock Hall induction: 'I'm relieved for our fans'".  In this interview Geddy and Alex comment on bands they hope to see inducted in the near future:
"...I also hope this means other great bands like Yes will follow suit," says Lee. "Deep Purple was on the ballot this year, and I was hoping they'd get in with us. We wouldn't be the band we are without Deep Purple's existence."

Lifeson says he hopes Rush's inclusion "opens the doors for bands like the Moody Blues and King Crimson, who had a huge influence. It's a bit ironic, really. Rock music was born in rebellion, so it's odd to have (a Hall of Fame) where there seem to be guidelines for who's acceptable and who's not."

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