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Clockwork Angels 2013 Tour Kicks Off Tonight - Send Us Your Stubs!

The Clockwork Angels 2013 Tour kicks off tonight in Austin, Texas, and will run for the next three and a half months before coming to a close in Kansas City, Missouri on August 4th.

Thanks to friends and visitors to this site, Power Windows maintains a huge collection of Rush tour memorabilia, but to keep it up current we need your help.  Please take the time to scan your concert ticket(s) for the Rush Tour Archive.  Or if you do not have a scanner, please take a quality photograph.

In addition, any other items or pictures you have which document your show including advertisements, handbills, photographs of marquees, etc, are also welcome.

I have a stub or advertisement for every show of the last ten years. If you are a collector, you might also be able to help fill in the gaps from previous tours. Who knows, you might have a stub for a show that has been forgotten in the depths of time.  My ultimate goal is to be able to provide a complete archive of the touring history of Rush for everyone to see.

Please email me your items. Thanks in advance!

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