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Administrative Update

Just a quick administrative update... For the past 8 years, the Power Windows website has promoted Rush related products through Earlier this month, summarily severed all ties with Colorado based accounts (including your's truly, email saved for posterity), rather than give in to restrictions imposed by the Colorado State legislature requiring Amazon to collect Colorado State sales tax for all orders placed from Colorado based websites. This story made headlines here in Colorado, and still is the source of many online debates. While I don't blame Amazon, I've been forced to find alternative solutions.

After scouring the various online retailers, I've replaced all my CD and DVD links with links to (CDUniverse has a huge selection including those Rush related rarities I detail in my pages), and all book purchases now link to Barnes & Noble ( I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you in advance for making your online purchases through Power Windows. And now back to your regularly scheduled program...


  1. Sorry that happened to you, must've sucked. Glad you have things under control now - good luck!

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  3. Thanks for not blaming Amazon. Although I strongly sympathize with all those affected by this, I have no friendly feelings toward legislative bodies that attempt to coerce internet businesses into becoming their governmental revenue streams at the expense of entrepreneurial liberties.