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RUSH Makes Planet Rock's "Top 40 Live Albums"

Listeners of the UK's Planet Rock radio voted in their thousands in a poll to determine the Top 40 Live Albums of All Time. - Thanks to Scot McBean and Matt Kelly for the headsup!
"Thousands of you voted and now we know once and for all that Thin Lizzy's Live And Dangerous is the Greatest Live Album of All Time. The 1978 album has been repeatedly accused of containing more overdubs than live material, but that doesn't hide the fact that this is a definitive "live" record - it captured the band's stunning live energy and sound absolutely perfectly across a tracklist that probably couldn't have been bettered, and that, after all, is everything we could ask for. Deep Purple were so close to stealing this one at the last minute with their classic Made In Japan, and UFO's Strangers In The Night wasn't too far behind either. Rush deserve a notable mention for being the one band who's fans successfully sabotaged their chances for the Top Ten by splitting the vote rather spectacularly across three albums in the Top 40." - Planet